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A Young Water Professional's View of the Queensland Water Awards

Queensland YWP Subcommittee Member, Samantha Guy, shares her reflections of the Gala Dinner and the significance of recognition through the Queensland Water Awards.

Attending the 2023 Australian Water Association QLD Gala Dinner and Awards was a second-time experience for me, and it proved to be an exciting celebration of the Queensland water industry's accomplishments. This event made me reflect on the significance of recognition in our field, shedding light on the delicate balance it strikes.

Before the event, I found inspiration in the exceptional nominees across the various award categories. Witnessing these passionate individuals and organizations receiving the recognition they deserved was heart-warming. On the night, I felt that this event was not just about giving credit; it was a celebration of excellence in its myriad forms. The diverse range of categories showcased the nuanced nature of our industry, emphasizing that excellence should encompass every facet of our work. This inclusive approach, thanks to the QLD Branch committee's dedication, encouraged me to embrace all aspects contributing to excellence in my daily work life.


The winners' speeches left a lasting impact. Their heartfelt thank-yous' and acknowledgments resonated with me, underlining the importance of support networks and the people who believe in us through our journeys. This event reassured me that personal struggles do not define our ability to excel but serve as a testament to our resilience. Anthony Domantis' acceptance speech, as the Water Professional of the Year, was particularly touching, and his inspiring contributions to the industry are commendable.

Despite occasional negative connotations around award ceremonies, I believe the AWA Gala Awards struck the right balance between celebrating accomplishments and avoiding self-serving motives. I believe, these awards are crucial for celebrating, recognizing, and uniting individuals from across the industry. They shed light on the often-undervalued collective efforts that contribute to a sustainable water future. It's essential to acknowledge that not all in our field have access to such events, emphasizing the importance of recognising the breadth of organisations and individuals dedicated to achieving vital outcomes through water.

Reflecting on my journey as a young professional, I've come to realize the importance of recognition, not just during grand events but also in our everyday interactions. While Gala Awards are thrilling, the industry's essence thrives in everyday moments when we acknowledge our colleagues' commitment and offer support for their growth. These actions contribute to a culture of recognition and appreciation, strengthening industry bonds. These awards are a crucial part of our industry, and I'm excited to embrace the richness that comes from our diversity as I continue my professional journey.