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A recap of the SA YWP Public Speaking Workshop in April

In April, we gathered for an exceptional workshop that promised to refine our public speaking skills and left us inspired. Thanks to the invaluable expertise of our keynote speaker, David Griggs, and the participation of our vibrant community, the event was a resounding success.

Hosted by the SA Young Water Professionals (YWP) Committee, the “Public Speaking” workshop drew an impressive crowd of 63 attendees, ranging from emerging professionals to mid-career leaders, representing various companies within our sector. This diversity enriched the learning experience, providing a broad spectrum of perspectives and insights.

David Griggs, a former National Institute of Dramatic Arts actor and renowned speaking coach, led the workshop with unmatched enthusiasm and expertise. His ability to captivate the audience was evident as he maintained everyone's focus throughout the session, which combined insightful presentations with interactive discussions.

The workshop extended beyond the conventional boundaries of public speaking to address everyday communication scenarios, such as meetings and presentations. David introduced us to a comprehensive framework that dissected the essential elements of effective speaking. Here are some pivotal takeaways from his presentation:

  1. Content: The importance of crafting the right material that resonates with the audience while also supporting the speaker’s objectives.
  2. Perception: How a speaker's body language, attire, and overall demeanour contribute to how the audience perceives and receives the message.
  3. Permission: Embracing one's authentic self in presentations by acknowledging and presenting true personal and professional identity.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting how the workshop's lessons were immediately applicable, both professionally and personally.

Following the enriching session, we had the pleasure of networking over a delightful meal, where many shared their personal breakthroughs and takeaways from the day. We extend our heartfelt thanks to David Griggs for his transformative guidance and to all of you for actively participating and making this event a milestone for our community.