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A recap of the SA February Sundowner - Water & Energy

A full house got together on Thursday, 15 February 2024 at Electra House to hear a fascinating talk on the connection and interrelation between water and energy from Corri Baker.

Energy and water are critical resources, of which the interdependence between the two is set to intensify in the coming years. Both resources are facing rising demands and constraints within communities globally, and by 2030 water withdrawals for non-renewable energy production are set to deplete by 20 billion cubic meters as projected in the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario (International Energy Agency, 2023). Water is a primary reactant in the process of renewable hydrogen energy generation. Hydrogen energy can be harnessed through electrolysis, where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. When renewable electricity is used to split water during electrolysis, resulting hydrogen energy synthesised is classified as a renewable fuel source.

South Australia is becoming progressive in hydrogen energy projects, including AGIG’s Hydrogen Part South Australia 1.25 MW electrolyser at Tonsley, the Hydrogen Utility’s 75 MW electrolysis system for hydrogen and renewable ammonia production at Cultana, and the Port Bonython Hydrogen Hub (Department for Energy and Mining, 2023). The South Australian Government is investing into new hydrogen projects alike these to support South Australia to become a net 100% renewable energy generator during the 2030s.

Guest Speaker: 

Corri Baker, Senior Advisor in Energy & Critical Minerals at KBR Pty Ltd


Corri is a Senior Advisor in Energy and Critical Minerals within KBR Advisory, with 20 years' experience in Government and higher education. Corri is a self-described boundary spanner with unique experience working in cross sector roles. Corri delivers high-level and specialised leadership in developing and managing critical working relationships with key project proponents, key stakeholders, Government, and the community.

Corri’s specialty is strategic advice for, and facilitation of complex projects, often involving competing interests and drivers including legislative constraints, land access, infrastructure requirements, geopolitics, techno-economics, workforce requirements, ESG and social license.

Corri has previously worked for South Australian Department of Energy and Mining (DEM) and the Department of Environment and Water (DEW), where she facilitated the sustainable management of surface and groundwater management by industry. Corri has provided critical advice for new water infrastructure and water licensing requirements for ground water wells for mining projects, and in her current role at KBR, provides strategic advice related to water use for hydrogen and ammonia projects.