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Further information on water recycling in Australia 
Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling 
ATSE: Water Recycling  in Australia 
WSAA: All options on the Table - Lessons from the Journeys of Others (report) - This report provides insights and perspectives regarding community engagement on purified recycled water for drinking around the world. 
WSAA: All Options on the Table - Urban Water Supply Options for Australia (report) - This report aims to inform water security discussions with the community and stakeholders and to increase understanding around the attributes and costs of different water supply options. 
CRC for Water Sensitive Cities: Case Studies - Excellent source of recycled water scheme case studies in Australia. 
Information on recycled water schemes in Australia 
Sydney Water: Water Recyling - Sydney Water has 14 water recycling plants including Rouse Hill, a large residential recycling project, St Marys Advanced Water Recycling Plant, which provides 18 billion litres of recycled water a year for the Hawkesbury-Nepean River System, and Wollongong, which provides 20ML/d of recycled water for Bluescope. 
Barwon Water: Recycled Water - Barwon Water produces Class A recycled water for residential non-drinking purposes such as toilet flushing, garden washing and car washing and Class C recycled water for businesses, industry and agriculture. 
Orange Stormwater Harvesting - The first large scale, indirect-to-potable stormwater harvesting project in Australia. 
Urban Utilities:Recycled Water - Urban Utilities supplies recycled water at various qualities (classes) to meet the customers’ requirements. 
Seqwater - Purified Water Recycling -  Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme located in South East Queensland. 
Trility: Virginia Pipeline Scheme -  The Virginia Pipeline Scheme was established in 1997 and provides around 20 gigalitres of recycled water from the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant in Adelaide for horticultural irrigation to around 360 customers in Virginia and surrounding areas in South Australia. 
Water Corporation: Groundwater replenishment scheme - Australia’s first full-scale groundwater replenishment scheme 
Central Park Recycled Water Scheme - World’s biggest recycled water facility in the basement of a residential building. Located in Sydney, NSW. 
Aquarevo - Residential development in Lyndhurst, south east of Melbourne featuring a water recycling scheme and rainwater tanks using water saving technologies. 
Green Square Stormwater / Recycled Water Scheme - Located in Sydney, the scheme address floodplain risk and delivers up to 320 million litres of recycled stormwater each year to new buildings and open spaces in the town centre. 
Water Recycling around the World 
Global locations using purified recycled water for drinking (source: WSAA) 
USA locations using purified recycled water for drinking (source: WSAA) 
Timeline: Evolution of purified recycled water for drinking around the world (source: WSAA)