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Victoria (VIC) Branch Committee Awards and Gala Dinner

The VIC Branch is AWA’s second largest branch with over 1,200 members across individual and corporate members, including universities and students – our water leaders of the future. 

The Victorian branch aims to serve its members and the broader Water Industry by fulfilling AWA’s main objectives to share, connect & inspire through a range of initiatives across the year. 


Branch Committee

Shay Xie, Eurofins
Vice President:   
Emma Milburn, IOTA
Committee Members:  
Amanda Hazell, Veolia (Immediate Past President)
Heath Baker, Central Highlands Water 
Frederic Blin, AECOM
Peter Carroll, GHD 
Andrew Chapman, Aurecon 
Stefano Freguia, University of Melbourne 
Amy Gason, Nation Partners 
Meredith Gibbs, Gibbs Advisory Services 
James Gong, Deakin University
Madeleine Greenlee, Melbourne Water 
Tamar Haviv, Spiire
Suzanne Knight, DELWP
Priyani Madan, Arup 
Kerry Matthews, South Gippsland Water
Savalan Pour, Yarra Valley Water 
Sam Skinner, Aurecon Group
Celeste Ward, Stantec 

Young Water Professionals Subcommittee

Christopher Lee, DELWP

Committee Members:
Georgina Catto-Smith, Jacobs (Immediate Past Chair)
Sophie Barton, Monash University 
Sam Beer, Greater Western Water
Stephanie Brown, E2 Designlab
Tanisha Dhillon, RMIT
Natasha Frazer, RMCG 
Lucy Goss, Jacobs/ Monash University 
Tansy Huang, Southern Rural Water
Claire Huynh, AECOM
Flora Markis, Arup

Dominic Murray-Fiume, Stantec 
Oscar van Paassen, Greater Western Water 
Ali Rahimi, Aquatec Enviro
Bill Robinson, Arup 
Neha Shetty, Alluvium 
Sumudu Withana, AECOM
Rita (Xi) Zhen, BECA 


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the Victorian Branch by nominating for a future committee, taking part in the VIC mentoring program and supporting VIC events.

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