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Branch Committee Elections

2024 Nomination Statements

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New South Wales Branch Committee Nominees

I’m a Senior Process Engineer at Beca HunterH2O based in Newcastle. Throughout my career I have cultivated a robust portfolio of successful projects, catering to diverse clients across Australia and the Pacific including water utilities, local councils, and industrial clients.
I am a current member of the Newcastle Sub-Committee as the Secretary since its inception 5 years ago, and a NSW AWA Regional Champion. I was also previously a Regional Representative on the YWP committee from 2021-2023. Further to my AWA involvement, I am the Deputy Chair of the Newcastle Chemical Branch Committee for Engineers Australia having been in the committee for 4.5 years.
I would like to join the AWA NSW Branch to share my knowledge from a regional perspective and continue my aim to connect regional members. My intention is to continue to engage with regional professionals to allow them to share their perspectives and experiences, inspiring others and encouraging more people to join the AWA and become members.

I am an active member of the AWA, having been in the industry for over 20 years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the NSW Branch Committee for the past two years. I enjoy working as part of the Committee to shape and arrange events for the water sector to connect and network such as the Heads of Water Forum and Heads of Water Dinner. I am keen to continue to contribute to enable forums for water professionals to connect, engage and share knowledge through continuing my membership on the NSW Branch Committee.

I am a Plant Manager of an O&M contract for an Advanced Recycled Water Scheme supplying up to 10.5MLD of purified water to industrial customers. I have been part of the contract for the last 6 years. I have been in the water industry for approx. 20 years starting out on servicing all types of plants typically within NSW. I progressed to being responsible for the O&M of a smaller RWP on a power station then progressing into the role I have today. My passion is water but especially recycled. I have also had the opportunity to perform plant tours for schools but also University's.

I am delighted to submit my nomination for the NSW Branch Committee of the Australian Water Association. With over 25 years of experience in the water sector, including a long corporate executive career with Suez both in Australia and internationally, I am committed to advancing the goals and objectives of the Association in NSW.
Throughout my career, I have demonstrated leadership and collaboration, driving complex projects and initiatives that deliver tangible outcomes for communities and the environment. As a passionate advocate for the water sector, I am looking forward to work more closely with the Association and contribute to the growth and development of our professional community.
On the committee, I aim to leverage my expertise, passion, and leadership to:
  • Foster knowledge sharing and collaboration among members
  • Support the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for water management
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our industry
  • Advocate for efficiency and nature focused policies and decision-making
I believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential in supporting the industry to move forward and face our water resources challenges, and I am committed to working closely with fellow committee members, industry stakeholders, and policymakers to develop innovative solutions and best practices.
Has been involved in the Water Industry since 2000. Previously was Vice President of Goldman Sachs Asia. As CEO for Flovac has created a global Australian company that is a leader in its field of vacuum sewerage systems. John has been on international tours with AWA to the US, India and sent people to Vietnam, and has also welcomed guests from numerous countries. John was instrumental in developing a national code through WSAA and now has teams operating in 35 countries
I believe I will add value to the AWA NSW committee through my national industry connectivity and a passion for making a real difference in the water industry. I have just returned from Ozwater24, a gathering of amazing, diverse professionals but all with similar purpose and drive to overcome the challenges we face around climate change, resilience, emerging contaminant threats - to maintain the steadfast quality of service the Australian water industry is known for. The main Ozwater call to action was Accelerating Action and I want to help organise platforms and events where AWA members can share their passion and have their voices heard to make a real difference. Connected in water.
I was a member of the NSW AWA committee in the early 2000’s for several years until work commitments on international projects and a young family made continuing involvement impractical. I have continued to support the AWA through reviewing abstracts/papers for Ozwater, judging award submissions, an organising committee member for the National Biosolids Conference, and being a mentor in the AWA mentoring program. I was also a member of the AWRCoE NatVal program, developing a standardised national approach to simplify and encourage wider implementation of water reuse and PRW schemes.
After 30 years in the Australian Water Industry working on diverse projects with talented people across the ANZ region, I want to give back by rejoining the NSW committee. I may be going grey of hair, but always young at heart - water is my passion!
I have been involved in water projects for the past 14 years at GHD. I am currently a Technical Director in the Water team and the Relationship Manager for Sydney Water - GHD’s largest water client.
As a Technical Director in Treatment, I have led project teams in the design of significant water and wastewater treatment projects from the strategic planning phase to detailed design and commissioning. This includes the Greater Sydney Desalination Program for WaterNSW & Sydney Water;the Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre project;and the initial stages of the Prospect Pre-treatment Project, an upgrade supporting Australia’s largest drinking water treatment plant.
I am also passionate about mentoring future leaders and working with industry to solve our water challenges. I regularly participate in water industry events and conferences. In 2022, I presented a paper on wastewater tradeoffs at the Brisbane OzWater ’22 Conference, and in 2019, I was one of 12 selected featured speakers at the WEFTEC Conference in the US.
I am actively involved with the AWA and was a Young Water Professional NSW finalist in 2023.
I am eager to get involved and help the AWA strengthen its presence in the region. If selected to the AWA NSW Branch Committee, I will bring enthusiasm, passion and commitment to the role. I look forward to leveraging my experience, my network within GHD and the wider water industry to assist the NSW Branch Committee to deliver successful, relevant events to the water industry.
I would like to nominate for the NSW Branch Committee in order to give back to the AWA and the water industry. I want to support the essential services that AWA provides to its members. I am also interested in advancing water management practices and foster innovation per the Association's strategic plan.
I am a regionally based water professional living on the beautiful lands of the Biripi People in the Manning Valley, NSW. I specialise in drinking water quality management, skills and training, and stakeholder engagement. My career in the water industry spans 17 years and has included roles within local and state government, including my current role as Skills and Training Coordinator at NSW DCCEEW. In this role, I am working to make training more accessible to our water operators who are at the frontline of delivering essential services of water and wastewater to our communities.
I have had the benefit of being mentored by some truly inspiring water professionals throughout my career. I’m grateful to now participate in AWA’s formal program as a mentor, to help inspire the next generation of young water professionals, who are the future of our industry.
I have been lucky enough to be a member of the AWA NSW branch committee for the last four years. I am re-nominating as I would love to continue to lead the enthusiastic and inspiring Regional Water Champions to extend the reach of AWA further across regional NSW. This includes strengthening connections with each other and our metro colleagues to inspire solutions to water challenges in a socially conscious, inclusive and sustainable way. I will continue to advocate for women in our sector and highlight the enormous amount of water knowledge of our traditional indigenous owners.
I would be honoured to continue to represent NSW on this committee.

Michael is a chartered Principal Process Engineer at Beca Hunter H2O, based in Newcastle, with over 14 years of experience in the water industry. He has contributed to the water industry by leading projects throughout Australia and New Zealand, across the full project lifecycle from feasibility through to design, commissioning and ongoing operations and technical support. Michael advocated for and participated in the new regulatory framework for LWUs and pioneered a new fluoridation system to be adopted throughout NSW. Michael loves to add value where it’s needed, and address issues people often put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Michael is an active and vocal member of AWA NSW Branch Committee, Newcastle Subcommittee, Regional Water Champions and Rural, Regional and Remote Specialist Network, helping to improve AWA’s outreach to regional NSW and beyond. Michael, now a little older with some grey hairs, was awarded the Australian AWA YWP of the Year in 2022.

Michael is a fierce and enthusiastic advocate for regional water issues and has given a voice to his clients. It is Michaels vision that everyone in regional NSW has access to a safe and reliable water service and he would like to continue volunteering on the NSW AWA Branch committee to help progress this vision. Thus, over the last 2 years he was on the committees for the AWA NSW Regional Conferences in Port Macquarie and the upcoming Albury conference and also led the 2023 NSW Parliamentary Water Forum and Water Ministers Breakfast events.

With a deep-rooted passion for environmental sustainability and a commitment to ensuring access to clean water for all, I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to the important work of the NSW branch committee.
Throughout my career, I have actively engaged in initiatives aimed at preserving our natural resources and promoting responsible water management practices. My years of experience in the water industry has equipped me with a solid understanding of the complexities facing the water industry, and my background in governance, compliance, commercial and legal issues are likely to complement the other skills of the committee. I am committed to leveraging my skills and experiences to advance the mission of the Water Association Committee.
I believe that effective collaboration among diverse stakeholders is essential in addressing the multifaceted challenges facing our water. As a collaborative team player, I am adept at fostering dialogue, building consensus, and driving actionable solutions.
Furthermore, I am deeply invested in staying abreast of the latest developments and innovations in the field of water management. I am eager to contribute fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our collective efforts in addressing emerging issues and seizing new opportunities.
Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the important work of the committee.
I have been actively involved in the Water Industry for almost 20 years, specialising in workplace health and safety, and environmental stewardship. Throughout my career, my primary focus has been on ensuring the health and safety of our people. However, over the past five years, a significant shift has occurred in the water industry, highlighting the interdependent impact between our people and our water resources. As custodians of our people and water resources, it’s crucial to recognise the close relationship between these two. By working together on people and technology development, we can enhance the health and safety of both our waters and our people.
I am keen to share my knowledge as a leader in HSE, connect and collaborate with others towards a better and sustainable future. My goal is to actively engage with fellow water industry professionals to inspire positive change in our communities through effective management of water resources health and safety. Information sharing through education and awareness programs is essential to inspire positive change for future generations. Together, we can lead the way towards a sustainable water future for all communities in which we live, work and play.
I am thrilled to put forth my nomination for the NSW Australian Water Association (AWA) Board Membership, a community that resonates deeply with my passion for sustainable water management. Serving as a current member, I've been inspired by AWA's dedication to driving positive change and setting high industry standards.
My journey, from leading water, wastewater, and solid waste management initiatives at Port Macquarie Hastings Council to my forthcoming role as a Senior Planner at Sydney Water, has provided me with invaluable insights and experiences. Throughout my career, I've embraced challenges as opportunities to innovate and lead by example, striving to enhance efficiency and sustainability in every project I undertake.
Transitioning into this new chapter at Sydney Water, I'm eager to bring fresh perspectives and collaborate with fellow board members to address the evolving needs of our industry. With a strong foundation in project management, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement, I'm confident in my ability to contribute meaningfully to the AWA's mission.
My dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond professional endeavors; it's a personal commitment that drives me to advocate for best practices and engage in research and development initiatives. I believe in the power of collaboration and continuous learning, and I'm excited about the prospect of working alongside like-minded individuals to shape the future of water management in NSW.
I am deeply honored to be considered for board membership, and I am committed to serving our community and advancing AWA's mission statement.
Presently, I serve as the Operations Manager at Atlas Engineering Group, where I work with a team of 50 engineers and drafters specialising in brownfield engineering projects for water assets across NSW and Victoria. Over my 18-year career in the water sector, I’ve worked in design, installation, commissioning, operations, asset management, business case development, risk management, and project planning.
Beyond my professional role, I have been actively involved in the water industry, previously serving on the AWA YWP Committee (for over 7 years) and as a representative on the NSW Branch committee. Though I took a step back from these commitments in 2018 to prioritise family and establish Atlas' Melbourne office, this hiatus provided me with valuable insights into industry challenges across state borders.
My diverse experiences, from hands-on commissioning work to strategic business management, afford me a comprehensive understanding of the challenges inherent in the water asset lifecycle. With 11 years of experience in building and growing a small water business, I believe I can offer the committee invaluable perspective. Leveraging my accumulated knowledge, skills, personal growth and a passion for mentoring and strong interpersonal relationships, I am prepared to actively contribute to driving continuous improvement and education within the water sector as a member of the NSW Branch Committee.
I have more than 30 years’ experience in the water industry and have been an AWA member for more than 20 years and I am passionate about helping to drive sustainable outcomes for the environment, community and economy, which is why I love the water industry.
I think AWA gives a really important voice and platform for the knowledge and experience of water professionals to inform the decisions and policy of government. I also believe the association provides a fabulous forum for connecting, learning, sharing and growing from peers across the sector. We get to have important conversations about the sustainable management of water and share our efforts in making prosperous.
My vision for the AWA is to drive its highest possible profile, to truly reflect its status as the peak professional body of this essential industry – joining knowledge across disciplines, cities and regions
I would like to express my interest in nominating myself for the NSW Branch Committee. Being involved in various AWA's event and programs for more than 10 years , I have witnesses the impact AWA has on Water Industry and hence I am deeply inspired to contribute my skills and experience with the branch committee.
My background , passion and experience equips me with the necessary skills to collaborate effectively with fellow committee members, strategise for impactful initiatives, and ensure the efficient execution of our shared vision.
If selected , I am happy to dedicate time and energy required to fulfill necessary obligations and duties.
Thank you for considering my nomination and look forward to the possibility of contributing to the important work of the NSW Branch Committee.
I would like to continue to contribute to the AWA on the NSW Branch Committee and help promote well informed, evidence based and ethical decision making, showcase current and future trends and best practice in urban water services and water resource management and support important AWA programs, such as its awards and the mentoring program.
I bring with me my extensive experience in policy and regulatory reform and program delivery in the urban water sector, water resource management and local government, from working in government and the non-government sector.
My water industry story commenced at the age of 16 with Welsh Water. The following 18 years within that organisation allowed me to expand my industry knowledge, gain academic qualifications and engineering chartership through involvement across all aspects of water and wastewater distribution, treatment, supply, asset management, legal and regulatory sectors, culminating with selection to expert panels for WrC, WaterUK and AMP funding determination procedures.
These activities paved the way to a move into engineering consultancy and business development for specialist work programs, including recycled/ reuse water schemes, contaminated land and water remediation plus RO and ultra-pure water treatment.
Following migration to Australia in 2007 I have been privileged to perform the roles of project director, regional and commercial manager for several major pipeline and treatment plant programs in several states, plus held senior positions within large water related partnerships, including a full secondment to management roles within Sydney Water for over 4 years.
Throughout my UK career, I was highly involved with the Institute of Water Officers and came to fully appreciate the importance such an organisation played in providing support and learning to all levels of its membership.
Upon moving to Australia, I therefore understood the value of the AWA and therefore always supported the organisation with participation at events and conferences. My recent move to Stantec has finally allowed me to dedicate more time to the AWA and I would be honored to work with the NSW team helping continue its outstanding work within our industry.