National Water Week

About the Week 

National Water Week inspires individuals, communities, and organisations to build awareness around the value of water.  

Access to clean water is hugely important to our daily lives, and it’s down to all of us to protect our water environments and resources and use water wisely.  
As the national host for the week, we encourage organisations, schools, and communities to create, take part in, organise, and promote National Water Week events, activities, and educational resources.  


2022 theme: Our Water Stories

Every year National Water Week focuses on a broad theme allowing all tribes to participate. This year's theme is an invitation to all to share their Water Stories.   

Water covers three-quarters of our planet and makes up two-thirds of our bodies. We thirst for it and bathe in it. It's used by communities, industry and agriculture for health and liveability, the environment, Aboriginal cultural access, manufacturing and production of food and other produce. Water is an essential resource needed for economic prosperity wherever you live.

From our perspective, Our Water Stories perfectly enhance and continue this year's Ozwater theme 'Our Water Journey' and AWA's celebration of 60 years.   

We invite the community to explore their own stories and imagination, looking to the past, present and future.   

What's your water story?  

Our Water Stories



Tell us your Water Story

Using the Zoom background in the media kit, film yourself telling the community about your water story from the past or present – what you hope for the future.  

Add your video to social media using the following hashtags:   

#NWWWaterAmbassador | #NationalWaterWeek | #AustralianWaterAssociation | #OurWaterStories


Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize 
Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize is an annual water science competition where high school students create solutions for current and future water challenges.

Some superstars of STEM have been previously awarded and representing Australia internationally in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, the most prestigious international student science competition.

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The Australian Prize is awarded at Ozwater in May each year and is proudly supported by Xylem.  





Colouring-in Sheet
Download a printable colouring-in page of this year's National Water Week theme: Our Water Stories.  When you have finished colouring in the poster - why not take a picture and post it on your social channels with the

#NationalWaterWeek and #OurWaterStories

Download colouring-in sheet


Interpretive Walk

The Merri Creek Women’s Walk was established by the Australian Water Association and its volunteers as a response to the attack of a young woman alongside the Merri Creek back in 2019. The walk hopes to reclaim this area as a safe space for all to enjoy. To create a more lasting impact, the Women’s Walk trail hopes to share and celebrate the stories of inspiring women and local community members and their connection to the Merri Creek. 

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Media Assets
Here you will find a set of promotional materials that you can download and use to promote your association with 2022 National Water Week.  

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Sponsorship Prospectus
The objective of the National Water Week is to improve water literacy in schools and with the broader community. There are a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for organisations that wish to align their company with National Water Week. The sponsorships opportunities in the prospectus are available on a first-come basis.

Please click below to see our sponsorship prospectus

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Past Themes
2021 - Caring for water and Country (more info)
2020 - Let's reimagine our water future 
2019 - It's Time to Change the World 
2018 - Water for me, Water for all 
2017 - Water - the heart of our culture 
2016 - Water, life, growth 
2015 - Water innovation for future generations 
2014 - There are more sources than you think 
2013 - Liveable communities 
2012 - Valuing our water 
2011 - Healthy Catchments, Healthy Communities 
2010 - Many sources, many uses, everyone's responsibilities 
2009 - Securing our Water Future 
2008 - Clean Water Essential for Life