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Nomination Requirements

Nominate to become an AWA Director before 17 October

Submit your nomination

Important Submission Information

It is strongly recommended that you write your nomination responses first outside of the online form to ensure that your response to each question is no longer than 150 words and that you filmed your 3-minute video.  The online nomination form cannot be saved and returned.  Once you have everything ready, you can cut and paste it into the online form.  


Due Date Description
Thursday 15 September  Members advised of call for nominations 
Monday 17 October Nominations close at 9am AEDT
Friday 21 October  SAC sent copies of nominations received
Thursday 27 October Notice of AGM sent to members
Thursday 17 November

SAC to select directors

 Members to ratify the SAC selection at the AGM

May 2023 Elected directors commence their two-year terms


Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

The Powers and Duties of the Board are set out in Clause 19 of the Association Constitution. Directors do not receive any salary or dividend for their services as Directors. By resolution of the Board, a reasonable sum for travel expenses may be allowed for attendance by a Director at meetings and specific events.  
All Board members must attend Board Meetings via web conference or face-to-face.   
Members of the Board are required to use the current communication frameworks of the Association, with onboarding assistance and support provided as needed.
Legislation requires all current Australian directors to have a unique director identification number (DIN). Applying for a DIN is free, and all directors will be required by law to apply for their unique DIN. For more information, please go to the ABRS website 

Time Commitment 

Board members can expect (as a minimum):   

  • 4-hour Board Meetings (6-8 times per year + pre-reading) 
  • 2-hour Board Subcommittee Meetings (approx. 4-6 per year)   
  • Attendance at Ozwater in May each year  
  • Optional attendance at other events throughout the year  

Nominee Selection Criteria 

All persons appointed as Directors of AWA must be members of the Association at the time of their nomination and throughout their office.  AWA values diversity, and this will be strongly considered in reviewing nominees.  

Board Directors should possess one or more of the following proven requisite skills:  

  • A high level of financial management   
  • Corporate governance  
  • Corporate legal expertise  
  • Water industry or similar sector experience  

The SAC, against the following criteria, will also evaluate nominees:

Professional Skills, Knowledge or Experience Personal Attributes
  • Strategy Development & Implementation 
  • Finance & Accounting 
  • Legal, Risk, & Statutory Compliance 
  • Corporate Governance & HR 
  • Business & Commercial 
  • International Trade & Development 
  • Customer Engagement and Marketing 
  • Knowledge of the Water Sector 
  • Digital Platforms and Transformation 
  • Integrity (ethics) 
  • Effective listener & communicator 
  • Constructive questioner 
  • Contributor & team player 
  • Commitment 
  • Influencer & negotiator 
  • Critical & innovative thinker 
  • Leader