In 1854 john snow mapped a water quality outbreak – what now
In 1854 john snow mapped a water quality outbreak – what now
Monitoring and investigation of customer water quality enquiries is an important part of operational monitoring for a water supply network. The management of customer enquiries related to water quality is an essential requirement for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification and recommended in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011. Customer enquiries can be used to detect events of abnormal water quality because customers receive water 24/7 whereas other forms of surveillance are site-specific and may be less frequent (i.e. water quality sensors and water quality network grab sampling).

With this in mind, we designed and developed two applications to manage and investigate ‘clusters’ of customer enquiries related to water quality. These tools automatically identify a cluster of water quality enquiries (e.g. four dirty water enquiries in geo-spatial proximity) and allow root-cause analysis of events in the water supply network (e.g. boundary valve operation). We are now able to diagnose issues in the network more efficiently and inform field crews before they are dispatched to site. Additionally field crews can access the mapping tool to complete investigations onsite. Most importantly these new tools have allowed us to improve our customer service experience.
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