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Call for Nominations Opening Soon for Water Recycling Committee 2020 – 2022. 
3 Committee positions will be available, with 9 committee members remaining. You must be a Member of the Australian Water Association to nominate for the committee

We are driven by the interests of our members so you are most welcome to contact us with any ideas and enquiries for this network.


Gemma Keane, Water Practice Leader – NSW / ACT, Aurecon
Gemma specialises in process engineering and has over 15 years’ experience. She has worked in various roles across planning, design, commissioning and operations in water recycling and wastewater treatment. Gemma has a keen interest in water recycling and potable reuse and has worked on several recycled water projects including Gippsland Water Factory in Victoria and Fairfield Recycled Water Plant in NSW. Gemma currently leads the NSW / ACT water team at Aurecon.

Yunal Kumar, Treatment Plant Coordinator (Treatment Plant Operations), Yarra Valley Water  
Yunal is a chemical engineer with 13 years' professional experience in the water industry. His experience involves the operation, commissioning, reporting, and optimisation of water related infrastructure including sewage treatment plants and Class A recycled water treatment plants. Yunal is a well-respected member of the water recycling professional bodies such as the Australian Water Association through his involvement in the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project in South East Queensland whereby some valuable optimisation work was presented at a few Ozwater conferences, as well as his involvement in the process performance reporting and optimisation of the water recycling plants in the Yarra Valley Water region.

Committee Members

Mark Forbes, CEO, Akvotek
Mark is a chemist with an MBA. He has held senior management position in the water industry including GM and Director level positions in membrane companies and was GM of the AWQC. He is currently the CEO of Akvotek, who have patented technology in water reuse and surface water treatment technologies. He has worked internationally covering Asia, Europe and the Americas, holding international management positions with membrane and water companies. Water recycling technologies based on developments by Mark include processes now covered by patents and being marketed around the world.

Marty Hancock, Research Manager, Water Research Australia
Marty is a water quality specialist with 12 years operational experience in membrane treatment for drinking water and wastewater. During this time Marty had a particular focus on water quality assurance and membrane treatment performance and validation . He also participated in the development and trial of Health Based Targets for drinking water. In his current role at Water Research Australia he is leading the further development of WaterVal and managing projects in contaminants and treatment process validation. 

Stuart Khan, Professor, University of New South Wales  Stuart has been an active member of the Association's Water Recycling network (and committee) for well over a decade, undertaking research and consulting activities around water recycling. He has assisted in the organisation of numerous national and international water recycling conferences. Stuart is passionate about the topic and keen to see it progressed as we head into a more water stressed future for many Australian cities.

Jonathan Knudsen, Senior Environmental Engineer, Cardno
I have worked in the water industry for 15 years and am currently involved in development of a number of water recycling schemes across Australia, ranging from irrigation systems to purple pipe systems supplying recycled water to residential areas. My project experience includes both public utility and private utility systems. Having worked on major water infrastructure projects in Canada, the USA and New Zealand, as well as Australia, I have developed a wide breath of experience. I am keen to assist the Water Recycling Specialist Network to share knowledge and experience that will further the development of the sector.

Kathy Northcott, Research & Development Manager, Veolia ANZ
Kathy is a chartered chemical engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), with 24 years of industry experience. Kathy has held a range of both industrial and research roles predominantly in the water industry. She has experience in operations, design and development of robust and reliable water treatment solutions for urban, remote, regional and industrial sites, to address a range of water quality issues. In addition to her industry experience, Kathy has extensive experience in technical and operational training and mentoring in the fields of; water quality risk management, membrane separations, water treatment residuals management, ozone, biofiltration, adsorption and ion exchange. 

Dr Declan Page, Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO
Declan is a member of the Groundwater Systems team in the Water Security program of CSIRO Land and Water. Declan’s main research interest is in water recycling via aquifers. His professional experience includes human health risk assessment, water quality and treatment, stormwater harvesting and effluent reuse and water banking for drought resilience.  Declan has previously worked for several Australian utilities, in international development and as an environmental consultant. Declan is the current corporate representative for CSIRO.

Dr John Radcliffe, Research Fellow, CSIRO
John Radcliffe is an Honorary Research Fellow in CSIRO and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. Until retirement in 1999, Dr Radcliffe was a Deputy Chief Executive of CSIRO. Previously, he was Director-General of Agriculture in South Australia from 1985 to 1992, during which time he was Murray Darling Basin Commissioner. In 2004, Dr Radcliffe wrote the seminal review “Water Recycling in Australia” for the Academy. He has since written numerous other papers on the topic and been an invited speaker at conferences in Malaysia, China and South Korea. He was a Commissioner of the National Water Commission, chaired the Research Committee of the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence and has been a member of the Council of the University of Adelaide. He has an agricultural science degree from the University of Adelaide and a PhD from Oregon State University.