Water Utility Improvement Program: Vietnam

The Australian Water Association in Partnership with the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association and with support from the Australian Water Partnership is undertaking a Water Utility Improvement Program between five Australian utilities and five Vietnam water utilities.

Seqwater and Sai Gon Water

Seqwater and Sai Gon Water Corporation
Water Corporation of Western Australia and Thua Thien Hue Construction and Water Supply State One Member Company Limited:  Water Corporation of Western Australia and Thua Thien Hue Construction and Water Supply State One Member Company Limited
Cairns Regional Council, Water & Waste and Son La Water Supply Company Limited:
Wannon Region Water Corporation and Binh
Duong Water – Environment Joint Stock

Wannon Region Water Corporation and Binh Duong Water – Environment Joint Stock Company
Coliban Water and Phu Tho Water Supply Joint Stock Company:
Wannon Water with Phu Tho Water at Ozwater’17

The Water Utility Improvement Program supports the Government of Australia’s New Aid Policy (New Aid Paradigm), which references knowledge sharing and water as a priority. The program takes forward key water reform objectives of the Vietnamese Government in its efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal aimed at universal access to safe and clean water by offering Australian expertise in delivering safe and reliable potable water, wastewater and drainage services to water professionals in Vietnam.

The program, which commenced in March 2017 has run for a period of 24 months with each twin identifying areas to share knowledge on over this time.

Outcomes from the Water Utility Improvement Program

The activity has had the following highlights and successes:

  •         Improved capacity of the five Vietnam water utilities to delivery improved water services for over 10,681,765 customers of Ho Chi Minh City, Son La, Hue, Binh Duong and Phu Tho.
  •         Productive, open, trusting and longstanding working relationships established between the participating WUIP practitioners and between the six Australian and five Vietnam water utilities including:
    • 95 Vietnamese utility staff working closely with 121 Australian utility staff.
    • 25 two-way missions undertaken between participating utilities including workshops, one-on-one training seminars, sharing of tools and procedures, short courses and site tours.
    • Inter-mission knowledge sharing between utilities and between AWA and VWSA.
    • Developed capacity of 779 water utility staff.
  •         Improvements achieved in:
  •       Management of water supply and wastewater.
  •       Water quality delivered to customers.
  •           Technology innovations and service efficiencies.
  •       Non-revenue water.
  •       Customer and community engagement.
  •       Human Resources development and governance.
  •         Development of staff from Australian water utilities through gaining international experience and appreciation for Vietnamese culture and water sector and different operating conditions, leading to an increase in job satisfaction.
  •         Transfer and use of tools and knowledge from Australia to Vietnam including:
    •       Water Quality QCP/CCP tools.
    •       Incident management flowcharts.
    •       Risk assessment and skeleton HACCP plans.
    •       Processes to upgrade and automate (implementation of SCADA-based system) Water Treatment Plants.
    •       Donation of water quality analytical equipment from Australian utilities and training on their use.

Video Reflections:

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