Young Water Professional tour to see the Nereda® technology at Kingaroy Wastewater Treatment Plant

Posted 23 August 2017

The Australian Water Association QLD Young Water Professionals committee organised a tour to see the Nereda® technology at the Kingaroy Wastewater Treatment Plant, which took place (despite terrible weather) on 7 July 2017. All the transport and logistics ran smoothly, and representatives from Aquatec Maxcon and the site operator conducted the tour of the plant. 

This plant was constructed by Aquatec Maxcon, completed in 2016, and is owned and operated by South Burnett Regional Council. The technology was invented by Mark van Loosdrecht of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and developed by the Dutch company Royal HaskoningDHV. This plant is the first of its kind in Australia. 

The system uses granular activated sludge (biomass) for wastewater and sewage treatment, and boasts significant reductions (of up to 45%) in overall operational costs of the plant (i.e. decrease in chemicals and energy). The technology also produces Class A+ recycled (drinking) water.

According to various sources the technology involves aerobic granular sludge, which has the following qualities:
- It is an optimised SBR process (i.e. simultaneous aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic biological processes)
- Pure biomass, no support media
- High settling
- Filling of water and simultaneous displacement of purified water
- Single tank concept (no clarifiers)
- Can be conditioned to favour slow growing organisms such as PAOs (polyphosphate accumulating organisms) and GAOs (glycogen accumulating organisms)
- This technology has been applied (as of 2016) at 30 wastewater treatment plants worldwide, varying in sizes from between 5,000 and 858,000 EP.

The name “Nereda” is derived from the Greek word “Neraida”. Nereda was a water nymph and one of the daughters of Nereus, the wise and benevolent Greek god of the sea. In Greek mythology, Nereda is linked with the terms “pure” and “immaculate”, a hint to the water quality produced by this new technology.

The QLD YWP committee would like to thank Unitywater for sponsoring the event, as well as Aquatec Maxcon for the lunch, and the South Burnett Regional Council for the tour. 

Unitywater         Aquatec Maxcon         South Burnett Regional Council

YWP tour: Nereda® Plant at Kingaroy
YWP tour: Nereda® Plant at Kingaroy