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Exceptional Service Award

The Australian Water Association Award for Exceptional Service is the highest honour that can be bestowed on an individual. It is awarded in recognition of long and meritorious service, that has made positive and demonstrable contribution to the Association.

Award Patron - George Goffin

George Goffin worked tirelessly for the Australian Water Association for many years. He was involved in the Victorian branch during the 1950s as a committee member and branch president before becoming Federal President in the 1970s, serving two successive terms. As President, George contributed greatly to the success of the 1972 Biennial Conference in Adelaide. He also took on the post of Editor of the Water Journal for over twenty years.


Members with a minimum of 15 years' service to the Australian Water Association, through active and voluntary participation in AWA’s networks and committees. 


Nominations shall be supported by written evidence detailing the service and contributions of the nominee in relation to the following criteria:

  • Exceptional service and active personal input to the Association (through a technical contribution or sustained administrative, organisational or leadership activity).
  • Valuable contribution towards AWA’s strategic objectives
  • The service of the individual has resulted in positive (and demonstrable) changes in AWA.
  • A demonstrated commitment to be an advocate of the AWA and building the profile of the association.


A nomination shall only be made by an Australian Water Association Branch Committee or by two or more Board members. Nominations are to be submitted directly to Australian Water Association National office.
Confidentiality in nomination is essential and nominees should not be aware that they are being nominated for the award.

The judging panel will be appointed by the Board and will typically comprise of the current President and two most recent and available past Presidents. The decision of the judging panel will be presented to the Australian Water Association’s Board for approval.


Life membership will be awarded, if not already obtained, at a selected plenary session at Ozwater. There is no maximum or minimum number that can be awarded if suitable candidates are presented. 

Past Recipients

Year           Award Recipient 
2016   Chris Davis (NSW)
2010   Allen Gale (VIC)
2000   Barry Sanders (WA)
1992   Frank Bishop (VIC)
1990   Peter Hughes (NSW)
1987   George Goffin (VIC)

Submitting your Nomination

Submissions should be submitted electronically and must include the following compiled information:

  • A completed nomination form
  • An executive summary outlining the main reason for the nomination (maximum 500 words)
  • Detailed information introducing the nominee and addressing the criteria (maximum 4 A4 pages)
  • Photo (in jpg or similar format)
  • Biography (minimum 180 words, maximum 300 words)
  • Two letters of reference

Nomination form

Closing date

Friday, 19 March 2021


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Australian Water Association
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