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Icon Water maps out new technology for asset management

An advanced mapping tool is giving Icon Water new insights across its complex network of water infrastructure.

The ACT utility operates more than $2.2 billion worth of assets, including dams, water and wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, mains, water and sewage pumping stations, and customer connections.

In order to better manage these assets, Icon Water has upgraded its geospatial information system (GIS) to a platform that combines mapping and spatial reasoning.

The Portal for ArcGIS allows staff to enter and view network errors in real time; view drone survey footage; easily identify and locate infrastructure; view contaminated site information; see maps of the stormwater network; and locate water meters using GPS technology.  

The Portal for ArcGIS allows staff to enter and view network errors in real time.

Icon Water Asset Information Services Team Leader Richard Bailey said the new system gives the utility more flexibility.

“Our previous mobile map solution did not provide real-time information and was not user-friendly,” Bailey said.

“The map corrections layer is excellent for field crews and asset inspectors, allowing them to quickly and easily record network issues and hazards as they find them. This information is instantly available across the organisation, allowing updates to be carried out in the office and other field crews to be aware of the issues.”

Icon Water is the first water utility in Australia to integrate the ArcGIS software. The upgrade is part of its larger transformation program that aims to create a more innovative workplace and enhance the customer experience.

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