Webinar - Potable reuse: just a matter of time? (VIC)

Webinar - Potable reuse: just a matter of time? (VIC)
Potable reuse of wastewater is becoming increasingly popular as a response to the water security challenges posed by population growth and climate change. Reuse can be done through transferring treated water into the ground and then extracting it later, or transferring into surface dams.

In this webinar we pose the question:
Is widespread adoption of potable reuse across Australia just a matter of time?

Tuesday, 22 September
6 –
7.15 pm AEST


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Perth’s groundwater replenishment project can be considered to be the first large scale potable reuse project in Australia to be turned on. The Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme in South East Queensland is currently undergoing a three year validation, and when complete is intended to transfer purified water into surface dams.

Across many other areas of Australia, water corporations are now investigating potable reuse options, as part of water resource planning. However concerns around reactions from community and politicians have generally prevented these investigations and their results from being shared with the public.

Together with the University of Melbourne, we bring you an insightful presentation on where potable reuse is at; the challenges faced and what is needed to see it become part of our day to day lives. Following the presentation, the panel will answer any audience questions and debate multiple facets.

Our panellists will each present on their specific areas of expertise and be guided by our MC Natasha Sertori (DELWP), AWA VIC Committee member:

Prof Peter Scales (UniMelb): Peter’s research has focused in the area of process and systems optimization. This has focused on recycling water for productive use, breaking the pollution cycle in wastewater processing with a keen interest in the future of water and waste water systems in our cities.  Peter will explore the science of wastewater purification, it’s current safety, and how treatment technologies are evolving.

Greg Finlayson (GHD): Greg has more than 25 years’ experience in advanced water treatment, primarily in new and innovative membrane based technologies such as Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration. He was a key author of the Victorian Desalination Project feasibility study and many other major supply projects. Greg will introduce the topic for the session by explaining the big-picture trends in urban water supply and demand, making reference to Australia and the United States. Greg will explore the engineering, financial and political dimensions of choosing between desalination and potable reuse.

Dr Anna Kosovac (UniMelb): Anna is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Connected Cities Lab and her research considers decision-making in water governance, focusing explicitly on the uptake of innovation projects in the water public sector. She has also been involved in designing and implementing an industry-wide strategy for ethical supply chain management that aligns with UN Global Compact guidelines and has undertaken risk perception studies in the area of potable reuse enabling her to share some interesting findings.

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22/09/2020 6:00 PM - 22/09/2020 7:15 PM

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