Membership Matters Webinar #4: Savvy Networking Skills

Membership Matters Webinar #4: Savvy Networking Skills
The fourth webinar of our Membership Matters series will explore the art of networking and give you advice on how to develop your confidence and capability in this vital skill. PLEASE NOTE: the date for this event is now Tuesday, 2 May.

With Ozwater’17 just weeks away, many of you will be immersed in our packed program, looking to decide which of our workshops and presentation streams will bring you most benefit. But year after year, our members, presenters and keynotes always say that one of the most valuable parts of Ozwater is the opportunity to network with your peers, industry leaders and those who sit far outside your normal professional network.
Networking is a great skill, and offers you a huge wealth of opportunities including forging valuable relationships, instigating collaborative projects, accessing opportunities for development and gaining insight into new and exciting industry developments to name but a few.
But being good at networking is not a superficial skill, you must approach all new relationships with integrity, honesty and with reciprocity. Building your ability to network, also involves building your capacity to give to your industry and to support your colleagues.
The latest in our Membership Matters Webinar series seeks to help you explore the art of networking and how you can develop your skills and confidence to be able to access opportunities, build meaningful relationships and share your own skills with others in the water sector.

We hope to help you answer questions such as:
How do I strike up a conversation with a stranger?
How do I make introductions?
How do I build a positive rapport?
Can I ask for opportunities?
How can I offer my skills to others?
How do I draw that conversation to a polite close?
What steps should I take to establish a relationship afterwards?

Through this webinar, we will help you maximise your Ozwater’17 experience and support you to bring about lasting impact from the relationships you forge at this event and others. 

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This webinar will take place on Tuesday 2 May 2017 at 1pm AEST

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2/05/2017 1:00 PM - 2/05/2017 2:00 PM

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