TAS Mentoring Program & Launch Breakfast

TAS Mentoring Program & Launch Breakfast
This is the date where we kick off the 2020 TAS Mentoring Program! To register for the program and the breakfast launch read more...

Ever wished you had someone to talk to about your career? Or keen to make a difference to an up-and-coming water professional whilst developing your coaching & leadership skills?  Then sign up to our mentoring program for 2020 and join us at the launch breakfast to find out more and meet who you are paired up with!

Thursday 27 February 2020 | 7.00 - 9.00AM
pitt&sherry, Level 1, Surrey House, 199 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000

We will live stream with the program launch breakfast in Victoria.
Speakers and the format of the event will be confirmed soon.


Mentee program participation cost:
Note: to participate as a Mentee you must be an indivdual AWA Member (Professional or Student) as this is an individual member benefit. To enable non-members and employees of corporate members access to the Mentoring Program we have been able to discount a one year membership and included this as part of your registration to the TAS Mentoring Program.
$44 (current AWA individual members - Professional of Student)
$144 (non-members and employees of corporate members) includes program participation cost and one year discounted AWA individual membership

The above fee includes registration to the breakfast launch either in person or via webinar.

Mentor program participation:
To thank mentors for their support of the program there is no cost to attend the breakfast launch.
We are excited to launch this program in Tasmania in 2020 in partnership with AWA Victoria and will be using our Zoom webinar functionality to introduce mentoring pairs to each other if not present at the launch!

Please note:

To take part in this year's mentoring program as a mentee or mentor; you must complete the application form which includes a link to register for the breakfast launch by the deadline of Thursday 6 February 2020. NO LATE APPLICATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED.


Attendance at the breakfast is highly recommended to take part in the 2020 mentoring program as experience has taught us that it sets the program up for a successful year! If you are not available for the breakfast launch or are interstate, please email nstapleton@awa.asn.au

The benefits of mentoring

Mentoring has been identified as an important professional development tool. The AWA mentoring program is a great opportunity for people in the water industry to gain advice and develop new relationships and skills from industry leaders outside their current network.  On the flip side, this program offers senior professionals the chance to further develop their coaching skills and inspire young water professionals to advance their career within the water industry.

How does the AWA mentoring program work? 
The Association pairs mentors and mentees from the information provided in application forms. The more detail provided in applications, the more accurate the match! 

Mentors & mentees will be introduced at the launch breakfast and contact information shared prior or on the day. During the breakfast, each mentoring pair will agree on how often and where to meet and we will provide information to help spark discussion points. The program runs for one year but your relationship doesn’t have to end there, some mentoring partnerships last a lifetime!

No training is required for our mentors. You just need to be an experienced water professional willing to provide guidance and leadership to an assigned mentee.  We will provide the introductory session, any materials you need and contact details of an experienced mentor should you need to seek advice.

We thank our sponsor, pitt&sherry for their support of the AWA TAS Mentoring Program:

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Natasha Stapleton, AWA TAS State Manager at nstapleton@awa.asn.au

27/02/2020 7:00 AM - 27/02/2020 9:00 AM

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