Vote now to select your member representatives on the 2019-2021 SA Branch Committee.


Voting is now open for the 2019-2021 SA Branch Committee Election. Read the nominee statements, and have your say in the members who'll represent South Australia for the next two years. 

A strong committee that represents all members across the state is a diverse committee and we encourage you to review nominee statements through a lens of diversity, whether it’s diversity of gender, experience, ability, skillset, background, interests, company, or position.



Following the recent round of Nominations for the 2019-21 Committee the 2017-2019 Committee has made a decision that of the 20 vacant spaces, three will be pre-allocated to the following roles:

  • President (continuing);
  • Immediate Past Chair; and
  • Incoming Chair (former Vice-Chair). 

This will ensure continuity, and leaves 17 positions on the Committee open to a vote.

These roles are marked in bold type with a plus sign (+) both in the list below, and in the nominee statement document. 
All 2017-2019 Committee members are marked with an asterix (*).
Where a nominee has a subcommittee role - YWP, Awards, Development, Symposium, Technical, Budget or Newsletter - this is marked with a caret (^). More information about subcommittee roles is available in the nominee statements.

Committee members are expected to be active contributors to the activities of the SA Branch including, but not limited to, events, communications, development, finance or Young Water Professionals. 


We are lucky to have an outstanding group of nominees for the 2019-21 Committee, from all across the sector. Nominees are, in alphabetical order:
  • SAMI ABOU-HAMDAN, Project Director, Nova Systems*^
  • VICTOR CANTONE, Section Executive, Water, WSP*+^
  • BETHANY COOPER, Senior Research Fellow, University of South Australia
  • JODIEANN DAWE, Director, Research Development and Support, Flinders University
  • GEORGE DE CICCO, Business Development Manager / Applications Engineer, Osmoflo
  • ALEX DONALD, Manager, Environmental Performance and Compliance, SA Water*^
  • HANNAH ELLYARD, DEW, Principal Policy Officer, Water Industry Act
  • MARK GOBBIE, General Manager, Assets and Operations, SA Water*+
  • MICHELLE HA, Marketing and Communications Manager, ICEWaRM
  • KELLY HILL, Research Manager, Water Research Australia (WaterRA)^
  • LIONEL HO, Asset Delivery & Client Liaison Manager, Allwater/SA Water*^
  • NICOLE HUGHES, Operations Manager - Fleurieu Region, TRILITY
  • MARCUS HULL, Senior Civil/Water Engineer, GHD
  • ANTHONY JOHNSTON, Water Leader - SA & Victoria, Aurecon
  • BEN LEWIS, Senior Project Manager, KBR*
  • ELSINORE (ELSIE) MANN, Consultant - Strategic Engineering, Stantec*+^
  • BEN MCDONALD, Engineering Framework Manager, WSP*^
  • ADAM MEDLOCK, Regional Operations Manager – SA/WA, TRILITY*^
  • YANNICK MONROLIN, Project Engineer, Office of the Technical Regulator*^
  • BRETT REICHSTEIN, Frameworks  Manager, Fulton Hogan*^
  • KATHERINE REID, Senior Planner Wastewater Assets, SA Water
  • CARLY SOUTTER, Marketing Coordinator, Hunter H2O
  • PHIL STANIFORD, Market Sector Manager - Water SA & WA, KBR*^
  • MARK STONE-WIGG, Technical Director, Aurecon
  • NEIL TOOLEY, Water Group Manager, GHD
  • CARMEN WENTROCK, Program Manager for Water, Tonkin Consulting*^
  • SHANE WIGLEY, Principal Mechanical Engineer, KBR [Engineering Mgr Waternish from June 2019]
  • ANDREW WILKINS, Energy Lead, SA Water*^
  • JOSHUA ZUGAJEV, Senior Manager Media Relations, SA Water

When can I vote? Voting will open on June 4, and close on Monday 24 June at 5pm SA time.
When will the new Committee be announced? The new Committee will be announced on 26 June 2019.
Am I eligible to vote? If you are a current financial member of the Australian Water Association South Australian Branch - either a Professional Member, a 'Corporate Plus' member, or a fully-paid student member, you are eligible to vote. If you are an employee of a corporate member, you must be listed as a corporate plus member on the corporate account (a ‘Corporate Plus’ membership) or hold your own individual membership. If you are a Water Supporter you are not eligible to vote in the Elections.
How can I check my eligibility to vote? Please contact
Can I vote for myself? Yes, if you have nominated, you can vote for yourself.
How many votes do I get? Each eligible member receives one vote, and must check between 10-17 nominees on the ballot. We strongly encourage you to make a selection for all 17 places when you vote. This gives you the most say in the composition of your SA Branch Committee.
More questions? Please reach out to SA Branch Manager, Cat Murtagh for more information at

4/06/2019 - 24/06/2019

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