QLD Technical Meeting (September)

QLD Technical Meeting (September)
Join us for the QLD Technical Meeting and Webinar on Supply Chain Disruption - "Black Swan or Grey Rhino- A perspective on the impact of COVID19 on Australia’s Supply Chain."

Black Swan or Grey Rhino- A perspective on the impact of COVID19 on Australia’s Supply Chain

What do black swans and grey rhinos have in common with the supply chain risk? A black swan event is an improbable and unforeseeable occurrence while a Grey Rhino event is a highly probable, high impact threat that occurs after a series of warnings and visible evidence that is often ignored.

Supply chain, one of most impacted aspects of global economies due to COVID-19 could be categorized as a grey rhino. Already impacted by China’s national sword policy in 2018, there was a collective experience that indicated Australia’s supply chain vulnerabilities across multiple sectors. Yet no significant measures were identified to make Australia more self-sufficient. Now, the pandemic has forced many companies and entire industries within and beyond the water sector to rethink and transform their global supply chain model.

Today we have three distinguished speakers - Roz White, Cheryl Durrant, and Luke Sawtell - from commercial, defence and water sectors, whose individual perspectives will highlight our supply chain interconnectedness and key learnings that each sector can borrow from one another in becoming more self-sufficient and less exposed to grey rhinos!


Roz White
is the co-owner of White’s Grocers and White’s Commercial Property Group, whose business experience extends from a corporate background in banking to business entrepreneur, board member and volunteer of various organisations.   Roz is a leading advocate for Independent supermarkets nationally having held leadership positions including Board Chair, is a professional member of various industry groups, mentor and regular speaker at trade and industry events.  An active community volunteer having founded and co-ordinated many successful fundraising events,  Roz was recognised as the SCBWN Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year in 2015 and named Owner/Entrepreneur Leader of the Year in 2016 by the Australian Institute of Management.  Roz was inducted in the IGA Hall of Fame in 2017 as the first independent female, a prestigious honour and significant milestone for women in the supermarket industry. Roz was also a Telstra Businesswoman of the Year finalist in 2019 and has been awarded multiple national and state industry retail excellence & community awards over the past 20 years.

Cheryl Durrant is currently a fellow of the Institute for Integrated Economic Research -Australia and a Climate Councillor. In her former role as Director of Preparedness and Mobilisation, Department of Defence, Cheryl commissioned the first major review of Defence Mobilisation since Vietnam, including supporting studies into global supply chain vulnerability and cyberwar. Cheryl has over 30 years’ experience in the national security sector, including specialist Army intelligence and Defence capability and preparedness roles. Cheryl led the Department’s Global Change and Energy Sustainability Initiative from 2013-2016 and was the lead author for Defence’s submission to the Senate Inquiry on the implications of climate change for Australia’s national security. 

Where: The Ship Inn or online
When: September 16, 2020 5pm (AEST)
Non-Member: $60
Concession (YWP/Student etc): $20

16/09/2020 5:00 PM - 16/09/2020 7:30 PM

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