QLD Technical Meeting - December 2018

QLD Technical Meeting - December 2018
Join the QLD branch for the final (and lighthearted) technical meeting of 2018, and share a drink and a story with learned members of your Association.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve been - correction the troubles I’ve seen

Peter Griffiths, Selwyn McFaul and Rod Lehmann  will provide a trio of never before (publically)  heard experiences about the water industry at the final AWA meeting of 2018.  
Each has extensive experience in the water industry and hope during the evening to enlighten the audience with some of their learnings.

Peter Griffiths
Peter has been knee deep in wastewater process design for many years and has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of wastewater treatment industry.  Peter has seen a lot of good ideas that have failed to launch and has helped resurrect a number of failed launches. He will provide some thoughts on how to improve your success rate in designing plants that work.  

Selwyn McFaul
Selwyn has seen consulting emerge from an overwhelming male, brown cardigan industry dominated by BYO morning tea breaks to an industry dominated by break out centres with Nespresso coffee machines.  He will recount his experiences in transitioning from a medium sized water specialist consultant with dominant market position to his role in a large multi-national corporation with water only a minor part of the agenda to a small boutique consultant doing things he likes doing.  

Rod Lehmann

Rod has worked for a number of bosses in water industry over his many years working for a consultancy or government entity.  He is keen to pass on some of his learnings from working with different bosses and hopes that by passing on these learnings to younger water professionals he may assist their climb up the corporate ladder or alternatively give them guidance if the next rung seems out of reach.  

5:30 Registration opens
6:00 Session begins
7:00 Networking and Canapes

Tickets - including catering
Members $25 
Non-Members $45


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  If you have any questions please contact Sharon James, SJames@awa.asn.au

5/12/2018 5:30 PM - 5/12/2018 8:00 PM
Ship Inn
Stanley St, Southbank

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