NSW YWP Water Industry Careers Nights

NSW YWP Water Industry Careers Nights
Interested in working in the water industry? The AWA Young Water Professionals are here to help you get started. Pizza and drinks provided


Water Industry Careers Night

An opportunity to meet and listen to early-career water professionals talk about their careers, experiences and ways of entering the water industry. This will be followed by an open Q&A session and informal networking.

All students interested in gaining an insight to the water industry should attend this free event, especially final year students from the engineering and science faculties. 

Guest Speakers

Andre Hidayat, Production Officer at Sydney Water (UWS)

Emily Ryan, Process Engineer at Sydney Water (UNSW)

Elline Camilet, Graduate Engineer at Sydney Water (UTS, USYD)

Gareth Clemens, Process Engineer at NSW Public Work (UWS, UNSW)

Gaetano Boncardo, Chartered Professional Engineer at NSW Public Work (UWS)

Naomi Doherty, Civil Engineer at MWH Global (USYD)

Robbie Godecke, International Projects Officer at AWA (UNSW)

Steven Muliawan, Process Engineer at MWH Global (UTS)

Tom Patterson, Senior Engineer at Ramboll Environ (USYD)

Wilson Xu, Project Manager at GHD (UTS)

15th March (UNSW)- 6-7:30pm, Design Studio, Level 5 Mechanical Engineering Building, Ainsworth

22nd March (UTS)- 6-7:30pm, UTS CB01.25 (Building 1, level 25) 

23rd March (USYD)- 5:30-7pm USYD New Law School Seminar 100

30th March (UWS)- 6-7:30pm UWS Kingswood Campus Building, P1.28

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