NSW Seminar - Global State of Water

NSW Seminar - Global State of Water
AWA technical seminar: Adapting water systems to extreme and variable climates

The millennium drought lingers in the back of Australian memories. A global reminder from Cape Town has resurged national interest as Australia looks to find better ways to adapt to our extreme and variable climate through building stronger strategies around water resilience.

The Australian Water Association has assembled a technical seminar with speakers with diverse experience in Australia and abroad.


The night will feature a talk from James Cullis and Mike Killick from Aurecon South Africa who will give an update on the state of the water crisis in Cape Town. Other speakers include: Michael Wrathall from the Department of Primary Industries, Stuart Khan from UNSW and Suzanna Remmerswaal from AECOM.

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26/07/2018 6:00 PM - 26/07/2018 8:00 PM

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