ACT Water Matters Conference - 22 June 2016

ACT Water Matters Conference - 22 June 2016
Join us as our top scientists, ministers of government, planners, policy makers, consultants, water innovators and operators share with you their great ideas via a series of engaging presentations, papers and exhibits.

ACT Water Matters Conference

Canberra 2050: the power and the politics of water.


This year's Water Matters conference will challenge us to dream, articulate, compare and plan for the Canberra region's 2050 water demands and desires. 

At this Conference we will be asking… what the Canberra region’s water needs and issues will be and what will catchments, infrastructure, supply and the landscape look like 35 years from now? Where will the planning and forecasting demands come from and what should we focus on in the short, medium and long term? What currently facilitates and what complicates future water planning in the ACT? How is the forecasting and planning for similar future water issues being addressed nationally and internationally, and could or should that approach be adopted here? How do we realise the vision and bring hope to reality and plan for a water resilient Canberra region in 2050? 

Session 1: Dare to dream big
A realistic vision of what the ACT – its population, housing, development, parks, lakes, and open space – will look like in 50 years

Session 2: What’s the plan
How the long-term planning for the ACT is governed and how the Territory Plan and all the associated “planning documents” under it interrelate – and what are the legislative/legal encumbrances that can hinder/facilitate any future vision?

Session 3: What will the neighbours think?
What is being planned nationally and internationally and how do we compare?

Session 4: Hope and reality 
How water planning is and isn’t meeting the long-term vision for Canberra

Panel session: Canberra 2050
Facilitated by Michael Ross, panel members include;
 - Dan Stewart, Director, Elton Consulting
 - Prof Barbara Norman, Director - Canberra Urban and Regional Futures, University of Canberra 
 - Nicole Lawder - Shadow Minister for the Environment, ACT
 - Shane Rattonbury - Minister for Education; Minister for Corrections; Minister for Justice and Consumer Affairs; Minister for Road Safety; ACT Greens Member for Molonglo
 - Jayson Hinder - ALP member of the ACT legislative assembly and member on standing committee for Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services

Event details

When: Wednesday 22 June 2016, all day event
Where: CSIRO Discovery Centre, Acton ACT
Registration fees:
 - Member - $240
 - Non-member - $295
 - Young Water Professional - $180
 - Students - if you would like to attend and help at this event, please contact us at

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22/06/2016 8:30 AM - 22/06/2016 5:30 PM
CSIRO Discovery Centre
North-Science Rd
Acton, ACT 2601

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