ACT Branch Committee Nominations 2019

ACT Branch Committee Nominations 2019

Nominations are now open for the Australian Water Association ACT Branch Committee.

Nomination is for a two-year term which ensures experience and knowledge can be passed on from year to year. It is essential to gain an understanding of what is expected and the time commitments required from the Association's volunteer committee members before nominating so we’ve included all the information in the nomination survey links below.

The Australian Water Association Branch Committee would welcome nominations from individuals within the surrounding areas of the ACT. The ACT Branch has made available tele-conference facilities to facilitate the engagement of these members.

In the event that more nominations are received than positions available, elections will be held. Portions of the information you provide in the nomination form, which do not include your personal contact information, will be made available to members in support of the election process.

Nominations close on Friday, 31 May at 5.00pm (AEST).

To nominate for the Australian Water Association ACT Branch Committee, please complete the Branch Committee nomination survey.

You can read about the Committee election process and the roles and responsibilities of the ACT Branch committee here.

If you require any further information,  please contact the ACT Branch Manager - Tanya Cameron on

17/04/2019 - 31/05/2019

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