TasWater criticises Treasurer’s interpretation of draft report on water reform

Posted 27 September 2017

Hobart, Tasmania
TasWater has accused Treasurer Peter Gutwein of ignoring the facts behind the Productivity Commission’s draft report on water reform, labelling the report a “damning indictment of the Treasurer’s approach”. 

TasWater Chairman Miles Hampton said the Treasurer was ignoring the State Government’s abandonment of economic reform in its TasWater takeover bid. 

“The Productivity Commission is an independent research and advisory body charged with helping governments make better policies that work in the best interest of the community, and it has been severely critical of the State Government’s move,” Hampton said. 

Gutwein said the Productivity Commission’s report confirmed the State Government’s proposal would lead to lower charges for Tasmanians. 

“The government makes no apology for wanting to tackle the cost of living and keep water and sewerage charges as low as possible,” Gutwein said. 

However, Hampton said the State Government’s plan is incoherent and based on false promises.

“[Gutwein] wants access to TasWater’s balance sheet so he can raid it as he has done to other Government Business Enterprises, and this will cost Tasmanians dearly – either in the form of higher taxes and increased water and sewerage charges, or reduced resources for essential services,” Hampton said. 
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