Asset Management, the video!

It’s great to have the ISO55000 series providing guidance on asset management systems. But we are finding there are lots of questions such as “What is a SAMP?” and “Do we need one?” and “How does it fit in with other asset management activities and documents?” 

To help address some of the key questions, Asset Management Specialist Network committee chairman Geoff Hales sought the help of his NZ colleague Martin Coates on the other side of the Tasman. They developed an illustrated asset management framework for one of Geoff’ clients.  

But they didn’t want to stop there. They thought it would be great to turn this one page overview into a video and share it via YouTube to help improve the understanding of some of the high level concepts of asset management. 

We welcome you to check out, use and share the video

Australian Water Association Asset Management Specialist Network Committee

Watch the video now: