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Latest news

20 July 2018
Dozens of countries off track for realising human right to water and sanitation
WaterAid has used United Nations data to predict when each country will complete the job of providing everyone with clean water and a decent toilet, and the results of the ...

19 July 2018
New wastewater treatment technology installed in Sydney’s north west
Leading edge technology from the Netherlands has been adopted in Sydney’s north west wastewater treatment plants as part of the $450 million upgrade, with the technology ...

18 July 2018
South Australians farewell a historic water icon
South Australia’s Kangaroo Creek is on the rise thanks to consistent rainfall, with locals saying farewell to one of the state’s historic icons until the next dam release. The historic ...

17 July 2018
Artificial intelligence set to shape utility’s future
One leading Australian utility has been sending a scout into its sewers to collect data, but it can do a lot more than that – the Sewer Scout has been developed to remember ...

16 July 2018
Expert says it’s time to boost planned potable reuse adoption
The verdict is in: potable reuse is safe, cost-effective and sustainable. But while Perth and many communities around the world are now in full swing when it comes to recycling ...

13 July 2018
NSW water leader named public sector champion
One water sector heavyweight has been named in the Top 50 Public Sector Women in NSW for 2018, with the industry champion advocating women in STEM fields as integral ...

12 July 2018
Australian technology to measure world’s freshwater reserves from space
Accurately measuring the world's freshwater reserves is becoming a reality with the launch of NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) ...

11 July 2018
NSW farmers bolster drought efforts with biosolids
Agriculture across NSW is struggling through drought but some innovative farmers in NSW’s central west have been utilising biosolid fertiliser from a leading water utility. The  ...

10 July 2018
Strategic PFAS treatment not always expensive, expert says
With PFAS treatment a growing concern for many wastewater facilities, the effect of new chemicals and bacteria on the stubborn substances has been trialed in order to uncover ...

9 July 2018
Australian water technology in the running to win global prize
An Australian water research team is in the running to win the world-renowned Water Abundance XPRIZE powered by Tata Group and Australian Aid with their atmospheric ...

6 July 2018
New water treatment technology promises fast and effective purification
US researchers have been working on a new kind of water purifier that uses sunlight and water to produce a powerful and common antiseptic, with hopes of developing an efficient ...

5 July 2018
Update: proposed Murray-Darling Basin laws opposed
New laws proposed to safeguard the Murray-Darling Basin from water theft have been met with resistance from Labor and the Greens, who argue the proposed bill does not reflect the ...

4 July 2018
Locals fear Snowy 2.0 will threaten environmental water allocations
With the expansion of the Snowy Hydro Scheme announced in March 2017, locals have been voicing concerns over the effect the multibillion dollar hydropower project will have on environmental ...

3 July 2018
New tool for benchmarking water sensitivity in regional Australia
While much effort has been lent to establishing water sensitivity goals in Australia’s urban areas, one expert says there is plenty of scope for applying the same logic to regional cities. Presenting at ...

2 July 2018
Collaboration key to lowering water demand in remote communities
Working alongside remote Indigenous communities to understand their water-use habits can reap significant benefits, in terms of bolstering water security and lowering energy use, with one researcher ...

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