Water Recycling

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Australia needs to ensure water security in a drying and variable climate. Recycled water can provide a reliable, climate-resilient and economically sound source of water, which can be an important component of a diverse, robust and resilient water supply system. The mission of the Water Recycling Network is to promote water recycling within Australia that is socially acceptable, economically viable, environmentally sustainable and meets water quality and public health regulations. 


The objectives of the Water Recycling Specialist Network are to:

  • Facilitate meaningful networking and knowledge sharing opportunities 
  • Promote water recycling as a source of water for Australia’s communities, industries and agriculture
  • Enhance water recycling knowledge and understanding of members
  • Provide forums to discuss current water recycling topics and issues
The Specialist Network aims to achieve these objectives through Australian Water Association publications and events, online forum and website, collaboration with members, and building relationships with stakeholders and other organisations.

Our technical interests include:

  • Stormwater harvesting, effluent reuse, aquifer recharge / water banking, and purified recycled water
  • The role of recycled water in long term water security and resilience
  • Development of nationally consistent legislation
  • Ensuring water recycling guidelines and regulations are periodically reviewed in the light of developing science
  • Research and development focussed on water recycling topics and objectives
  • Monitoring programs and technical data
  • Emerging technologies and fostering innovation in technology and project delivery   
  • Water recycling treatment processes and water quality
  • Industry and community awareness and understanding through education and demonstration
  • Community engagement for water recycling and social acceptance
  • Costs, commercial risk and economical viability of recycled water schemes
  • Plant operations and scheme optimisation
For more information please contact:
Tanya Cameron
Member Engagement Manager