Water Quality


This network aims to strengthen technical and integrative expertise in water quality monitoring, analysis and management. The committee aims to be a tangible resource to the water sector in these areas and comprises expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds representing a broad range of the Association's interests.  

As the field of water quality management continues to evolve, our network is well placed to evaluate and promote current and emerging technologies, associated R&D efforts and standards development within the Australian water and wastewater sectors. The network also aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing with other specialist networks, governmental departments, and national/international water utilities.

Our technical interests include:
  • On-line Sensors
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Microbiological and Molecular Techniques
  • Information Systems
  • Deployment Technologies
  • Process Verification
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Standards Development
  • Online inspection and maintenance of reservoirs
  • Robotic cleaning technology

For more information please contact:

Digna Nichols
Member Engagement Manager