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Update – 24 April 2020

This month the committee had its 2nd meeting for 2020.

We had to sadly say good bye to Marion Derochet who is heading back to France.  Marion has been a very active member of the committee.  We thank her and wish her all the best.

The committee is continuing to implement its Action Plan.

Its is currently working on the following topics through various types of publications/forums:

• Asset Condition Assessments* – Lessons Learnt (target Q2 2020);
• Asset Management Capability (target Q2 2020);
• Capital & Lifecycle Planning* (target Q2 2020);
- Digital engineering – Asset Management (target Q2 2020);
• Managing ageing assets* (target Q2 2020);
• Asset Performance Monitoring (target Q2 2020); and
• Corrosion protection for a specific asset class (yet to be selected) (target Q3 2020)

* Popular topic as per our the members survey in early 2019

Should you wish to provide input for any of the above, please contact the committee via

In addition the committee plans to:

•  Continue to provide news items for the Source newsletter and the website

Due to the Covid-19 situation, it is now unlikely it will be able to facilitate asset management technical meetings in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in 2020, as the term of the committee ends in Q3.


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