Water Utility Improvement Program: Cambodia

The Australian Water Association in partnership with the Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA) and with the support of the Australian Government (DFAT) is undertaking a Water Utility Improvement Program between one Australian utility and three Cambodia Private Water Operators.

The program supports the Government of Australia’s New Aid Policy (New Aid Paradigm) which references water as a priority. The program will take forward key water reform objectives of the Cambodian Government in its efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal aimed at universal access to safe and clean water by offering Australian expertise in delivering safe and reliable potable water, wastewater and drainage services to water professionals in Cambodia.

The program which commenced in May 2019, and includes the following organisations, will run for an initial period of 18 months with each utility pair identifying areas to share knowledge and build capacity in over this time. 

South East Water

BekChan Water Supply Station

Kompongchomlong Water Supply

Krouch Chmar Water Supply

In July 2019 South East Water visited all three Water Operators in Cambodia to understand the challenges they are facing and to scope out priority areas which they can support each Water Operator with. All three Water Operators have since visited South East Water and have finalised their action plan to reduce Non-revenue Water and improve water quality monitoring and control and process improvements. 


In November 2019, South East Water visited each Private Water Operator in Cambodia to implement improvements to each operator. These include trialing of leak detection equipment, installation of a silt net, installation of ultrasonic flow metres, introduction of treatment technology and dosing improvements and development of an asset management register. All of these improvements were then shared with all other Private Water Operators during the Water Utility Improvement Program workshop as part of the Australian delegation to Cambodian Water Conference and Exhibition


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