MoU signing with Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association

Posted 26 June 2017

MoU signing with Korea Water and Wastewater Works AssociationOn Day 1 of Ozwater’17 (Tuesday, 16 May 2017) the Australian Water Association Chief Executive, Jonathan McKeown, and Immediate Past President, Peter Moore PSM, signed a MoU with the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association (KWWA), South Korea’s peak water association. 

The MoU sets out a framework to link the Australian water sector and the Korean water sector. The MoU will be used for developing relationships to enable knowledge sharing, training and project opportunities that demonstrate Australia’s technologies and innovations. 

The Korean water sector are now embarking on major water reforms with a focus on asset management and upgrades, and are looking to the Australian water sector to build collaborative relationships and further their knowledge on implementing their water reforms. As a result the KWWA have coordinated numerous inbound delegations to tour innovative water sites in Australia, including this year at Ozwater’17. The opportunities for the Australian water sector are significant and doing business in Korea has never been easier with the Free Trade Agreement now in place between both countries.  

A specific focus of the Korean water reforms is on Wastewater management and they are looking to Australia to understand our institutional and regulatory arrangements in addition to technological innovation.

South Korea has four major river systems that are increasingly being polluted with urban development and wastewater discharges. Korea is also starting to feel the impacts of a shifting climate which is placing pressure on water supplies and driving more innovative use of available water resources. 

KWWA has identified the following major challenges on behalf of its 170 water providers, 340 companies, 20 associations and local government groups:

1. Asset Management practices to monitor the ageing of water supply infrastructure
2. Non-Revenue Water management
3. Water Quality – 95% of Korean’s drink bottled or filtered water  despite piped water delivery a quality fit for human consumption
4. Treating wastewater to a higher standard prior to discharging into the environment
5. Enhancing energy efficiency within sewerage treatment facilities

The Australian Water Association is now preparing for an Australian water delegation to attend Water Korea'18 from the 20-23 March 2018 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju, Korea. This event provides an opportunity for Australian water professionals to showcase their expertise and technological innovations. The KWWA and the Australian Water Association are now developing a program for the Australian delegation at Water Korea 18 and invite all interested to express their interest through Robbie Goedecke, Australian Water Association International Projects Officer.

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