WA Technical Seminar: Water for Regional and Remote Communities

Wednesday, 3 March 2016

The first technical seminar of the year was held successfully on the 2nd of March from 12 to 1pm in the Engineers Australia Auditorium. The Australian Water Association WA Professional Development Sub-committee organised this event with a significant contribution from Siobhan Jennings, WA State Manager.

This seminar titled 'Quenching the Thirst' aimed to magnify water assessment in WA regional and remote areas to inspire effective ways for achieving sustainable water resource management.

Rob Milton, Hydrogeologist, from the Department of Water and Matt Walsh Integrated Water Cycle Section Manager from the Water Corporation presented their productive approaches. Rob’s presentation was about the largest groundwater assessment in North Pilbara region, WA and Matt informed the audience about the Water Corporation's experience with the smart meters.

This seminar was an attractive combination of subjects as it incorporated water management processes from first assessments for exploring water to assessments after water consumption. It informed attendees how water is assessed and allocated and then how we can optimise water consumption.

The presence of water professional from many different organisations and companies was dominant. It provided a very good networking environment that can predispose a better future cooperation for the ongoing improvement in the water industry. The attendees' interest in continuing discussion was apparent by the networking post event and the questions asked of the presenters.

Beside the informative presentations the range of delicious refreshments (sandwiches, drinks and colourful fruits) created a more positive atmosphere to converse on water issues. According to the fact that 21st century is a century of water crisis and based on climate change, these kind of technical seminars are vital to increase water professional knowledge and will provide the essential synergy for overcoming water difficulties all around the world.

Water for Regional and Remote Communities Seminar