WA EOY 2019
WA EOY 2019
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End of Year Social Event

20 November 2019 | Kott Gunning Lawyers Office Perth CBD

To celebrate their centenary, Kott Gunning hosted the WA Branch's end of year function at their offices in Perth CBD. The evening encouraged our members to catch up with each other and reflect on another year of water challenges and interesting projects.

The formal portion of the night was a Q&A session with the individual WA award winners, who were announced at the recent awards dinner and are in the running for the national awards to be announced at Ozwater'20 in Adelaide. Jen Middleton, from Co-operative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities at UWA and Ooid Scientific, is the WA Student Water Prize winner. Rebecca Ferguson and Jeremy Maher, both from the City of Bayswater, are the WA Young Water Professional and WA Water Professional of the Year winners, respectively.

In what is a familiar story to many in the water sector, none of the three winners set out with an agenda to work in this space. Nevertheless, an interest in the creeks, rivers and wetlands upon which Perth is built, a passion to do work that has a purpose, and the influence of key mentors in their lives have led them to build careers around water. Themes around collaboration, community engagement and holistic thinking also became evident when discussing their career highlights and visions for their future. 

Jen's research was multi-disciplinary and involves applying techniques not previously applied to improve our understanding of stream function at a microbial level. Application of this research is also being applied beyond freshwater systems to seagrass within estuaries. Beyond research, Jen highlighted the importance of improving the communication of science to other professionals and the community at large. 

Rebecca's career highlight was the creation of and continued success of the Bayswater Brook Working Group. Through her work across community education and engagement, Rebecca outlined the value of increasing the communities awareness of water issues and involvement in the planning and implementation, especially for the younger generation. 

Jeremy aims to create a liveable community that is planned and implemented using holistic systems thinking, that removes silo's from within the council and leverages the experts in the community. This builds upon his achievements to date - of bringing state agencies, the council and the community together to develop meaningful policies for the city at the same time as completing key projects on the ground.

We wish all three winners the best of luck for Ozwater'20! Thank you to Justin Tan (YWP Sub-committee), Moe Oe (YWP Sub-committee) and Kyllie Whitehead (WA Branch Manager) for organising the evening in conjunction with Kott Gunning. 

Thank you to our Program Partner:

Kott Gunning Lawyers