Tertiary Engagement Program - Seminar at Curtin University

Wednesday, 1 November 2017
Written by Rhys Carter

Tertiary Engagement Program - Seminar at Curtin UniversityRecently the Young Water Professionals (YWP) kicked off their Tertiary Engagement Program by running a seminar at Curtin University. Aimed at tertiary students: particularly those undertaking their masters in the ‘Water Case Studies’ and the ‘Applied Water Treatment Methods’ units; the seminar’s purpose was to inform students about the Australian Water Association and the benefits of membership. As opposed to a ‘sales pitch’, the seminar took an alternate approach, sharing the personal journeys of two YWPs, focusing on how Australian Water Association membership has assisted their development in both their professional career, as well as on a personal level.

First presenter, Rhys Carter discussed how Australian Water Association programs and events such as the Student Water Prize, Ozwater and the Mentoring Program, have assisted and continue to assist with his journey through university studies.

Second speaker, Halinka Lamparski, focused more on the benefits of AWA in her early career, highlighting the importance of having a ‘give it a go’ attitude, discussing the benefits of being involved with the YWP WA branch committee, her role as committee president, as well as discussing her involvement with other organisations such as WaterAid and her local government.

Both speakers highlighted the importance of making new connections and attending networking events, both to assist with professional and personal development.

Australian Water Association WA Branch Manager, Kyllie Whitehead, also attended to provide more general information regarding the Australian Water Association and to assist with membership enquires.

The session wrapped up with an open ‘questions and answers’ panel session providing students with the opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Association.

With this seminar providing positive student feedback, the YWPs will continue to develop the Tertiary Engagement Program in this format, look to present similar seminars across various universities and water related disciplines, with the hope to attract more student involvement with the Australian Water Association and bridge the gap that currently assist between universities and the greater water industry.