NSW Technical Seminar

NSW Technical seminar

29 June 2016, Sydney

The NSW Technical seminar Water Recyling for potable use on 29 June featured a panel of experts with differing views on water recycling. It was an opportunity for the water community to understand how water recycling may one day need to be put in place to help create a sustainable water future. Our panelists included:

Nanda Altavilla - Department of Primary Industries: Water
David Gough - Sydney Water
Alban Delpey - Veolia
Greg Leslie - UNSW Australia
Ian Snape - Australian Antartic Division

Emily Ryan and Urmi Vats, two of the NSW YWP's were instrumental in putting the event together, here's what they had to say:

The AWA seminar on Water Recycling for Potable Use held this week at the offices of Beca was an engaging evening of discussion and debate over the challenges and opportunities facing the field of water recycling.

The panel was chaired by Dr. Ian Snape of the Australian Antarctic Division, and featured Nanda Altavilla (DPI Water), David Gough (Sydney Water), Alban Delpey (Veolia) and Prof. Greg Leslie (UNSW Australia). The speakers presented stances on everything from the regulation of the industry, operational possibilities, the challenges in communication and public engagement and a fascinating case study looking at the development of direct potable reuse schemes in Antarctica.

This was followed up by a lively dialogue with the audience around the merits and drawbacks of both direct and indirect reuse, the roles risk plays in implementing these schemes and speculation over where potable reuse can go in the future. The conversations continued into the evening, as the audience and speakers engaged in some informal networking.

Thanks to our generous host sponsor, Beca, and our speakers for their participation in the event.

This is a topic that garners a lot of interest and has been a great success so keep an eye out for future AWA events on this topic.

Interested to find out a bit more? Email nswbranch@awa.asn.au

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NSW Technical Seminar
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