VIC Volunteer Tree Planting Day – 23 June 2018

Volunteer Tree Planting Day

On Saturday, 23 June in the depths of the Victorian Winter, 40 enthusiastic individuals (with family members in tow) from across the water industry descended on the Kororoit Creek in Altona. The group were volunteers for the annual planting day run by the Australian Water Association's Victorian Branch and Young Water Professionals to expand the native habitat for the rare Altona Skipper butterfly.

The shrub, commonly called the chaffy saw sedge, is where this butterfly breeds, feeds, lives and dies, so with past development & degradation along the creek resulting in reduced sedge numbers, the population of the skipper butterfly has also been affected. The group's work contributes to that of schools, community groups and Melbourne Water to plant ‘stepping stones’ of vegetation along the creek in order to connect these dwindling butterfly populations, enabling them to thrive again.

Many hands make light work, and following an introduction and demonstration by Melbourne Water’s Gerard Morel, the team (who were enthusiastic and hard workers) bowled it over in record time, forming new connections and friendships and raising the bar for future years. Following this effort, a delicious BBQ was enjoyed by all with great appreciation to the ‘Friends of Kororoit Creek’ for the use of their specially-designed BBQ trailer. 

Despite some ominous weather forecasts, the temperature was warm, the rain did not fall and the rolling clouds only enhanced the backdrop for what was a brilliant day. Over 500 tubestock were planted, mulched, guarded and watered in to establish the plants and assist the butterfly population.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the support of Melbourne Water’s passionate Water Ways and Land Officer Gerard Morel and the assistance of Melbourne Water’s Community Grants Program and the Association’s ongoing support from ANZ. We thank them, the organisers of the day and the many enthusiastic planters who came down for the day!

Check out the video and all the photos from the day below:

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