VIC PD Seminar 3 - Aboriginal Water Values

23 November 2017

At the third 2017 YWP Professional Development Series event we were very fortunate to have great speakers telling us how we can all understand Aboriginal water values better and how a better understanding assists us in our day to day water management.

VIC PD Seminar - Aboriginal Water Values

No doubt everyone enjoyed what Will Mooney from MLDRIN had to say on the topic.

Marnie Ireland from YVW shared some of her experiences where she facilitated collaborative strategic planning processes in the Aboriginal water space.

DELWP's Aboriginal Water Program Manager,Jason King set the scene for how Aboriginal values can be included in any water project and the importance of not imposing strict project timelines to Aboriginal Water Value decisions.

VIC PD Seminar - Aboriginal Water Values

Once again we would like to thank our sponsors for the night, Jacobs and KBR. Jacobs, who were generous enough to be our hosts for the evening provided the attendees with fantastic hospitality. We would also like to thank our speakers who were fantastic and really made this event enjoyable for all.  
Thanks to our sponsors:

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