The Association is committed to sharing information and knowledge, connecting members with industry and stakeholders, and inspiring positive change on all water related policy and advocacy matters. The Association does this through three key areas across our digital platforms and events.

1. Advocacy for issues supported by the whole water sector

The Association advocates for issues that all our members support and which affect the wider community. Some of the issues include:

2. Information and networking on policy and advocacy issues
The Association provides regular opportunities for water professionals and individuals to network as well as information on water policy and advocacy matters. For our current networking opportunities please view the events page

The Association promotes water information, science, and analysis to inform and educate on the latest water policy and advocacy matters through the Association’s digital platforms.

3. Recognition for those individuals and organisations that are pursuing policy and advocacy matters
The Association is frequently recognising individual and organisational contributions to the water sector’s on-going discussion around policy and advocacy.

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