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Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Metro) & Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Regional) 

Recognises significant and innovative infrastructure projects within the water industry that drive prosperity and sustainability. Projects that may be included in this award are those which involve new or upgraded infrastructure (physical or digital) which have delivered improved outcomes for the organisation, community and/or industry. 

In light of the exceptional work that all too often is done ‘under the radar’ in some of the less populous areas of our states and territories, we have decided to split the Infrastructure Innovation Award to ensure our regional members are provided more access to the Association’s recognition pathways. The category will be split for judging at both a state and national level based on whether the project was completed in a metro area or a regional area. The nominee will have the opportunity to select which category they believe their project fits best into and it will then be at the discretion of the judging panel should they determine the category needs to be changed. The following map may assist you in defining which category you should select:

The same criteria will be used to assess the submissions in both categories (Metro and Regional) and if the projects received are of sufficient merit, a winner will be awarded in each category.

Complete the Nomination Form

Judging criteria:

  • Project is original and/or innovative or has other outstanding features which sets it apart from common practice among comparable projects 
  • Project has relevance to the Australian water industry and is future focused
  • Demonstrates tangible benefits - social, economic, environmental and/or cultural
  • Evidence that the initiative was carried out or completed during the two years preceding the nomination date
When completing the online nomination form you will be asked to answer the following:
  • Is this project considered Metro or Regional (please tick)?
  • Project title
  • Lead organisation (must be a Corporate AWA Member)
  • Project collaborators (organisations) and the role they played
  • Project executive summary (500 words)
  • Provide the context of the project including why the project was being undertaken and the aims of the project (250 words)
  • Project objectives (please note if these objectives were achieved) (250 words)
  • What is the project’s relevance to the Australian water industry and how is it promoting a sustainable future? (250 words)
  • How is this project original or innovative? (250 words)
  • What are the benefits of this project and have they been realised – social, economic, environmental and/or cultural? (500 words)
  • Please upload:
    - Lead-organisation bio
    - Hi-resolution photos x 3
  • Please provide a short promotional blurb about the project, to be used should it be selected as a finalist, to promote the project and to be used at the awards presentation event. (50 words)

 Note: Winners of the State Award who progress to the National Award will asked to prepare a three-minute video overview of their project for promotional purposes.

2020 Winner – Australian Infrastructure Project Innovation Award 

Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Project, Yarra Valley Water

The Waste to Energy project is a key part of Yarra Valley Water’s strategy to embrace renewables and help keep bills stable for customers at a time when the cost of living is a challenge. The facility contributes to their ambitious, self-imposed target to generate 100% of their own renewable energy by 2025 to reduce reliance on coal-fired electricity and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

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