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National Water Week
  • National Water Week 2014


    National Water Week 2014 – Water Sources: There are more than you think! 

    What is National Water Week? 

    did you know?

    Each year, National Water Week makes a splash across Australia inspiring individuals, communities and organisations to work together to build community awareness and understanding around water issues and opportunities for growth and innovation. In its 20th year running, National Water week's theme is 'Water Sources: There are more than you think!' encouraging sound water practices and investment in all the water sources to ensure we don't exhaust our current sources in potentially challenging times ahead.


    National Water Week provides  an opportunity to remind ourselves and teach others that water must be used wisely if there is to be enough to meet the needs of our future generations.


    While the week is dedicated to encouraging communities to take action to protect our vital water sources, it's also a celebration of innovation and water achievements that have and will contribute to Australia's sustainable future and economic prosperity.

    Resources to help you celebrate 

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    Water sources around Australia

    Have you ever thought about where your water comes from? Sure it comes out of your tap or irrigation sprinkler, but do you know where the water starts?


    Australia relies on many different water sources to provide our water needs.


    • Surface water - water on the Earth's surface which can be found in a stream, river, lake, wetland, ocean or a dam.
    • Groundwater - water that occupies the spaces between particles of soil (sand, silt and clay) or rock beneath the earth's surface. Groundwater is found in unconfined (shallow) aquifers and confined (artesian) aquifers. Unconfined groundwater occurs near the land surface and receives direct rainfall recharge. Confined groundwater occurs beneath a layer of impervious material and may be under pressure.
    • Desalinated water - Desalination is the removal of salt, especially from sea water. Desalination is an advanced process to provide a new source of clean drinking water to states that cannot rely on rainfall.
    • Stormwater - rainwater that has run off roads, rooves, paved areas etc. and is usually conveyed by constructed drains
    • Wastewater - 99.97% water and comes mostly from showers, baths and washing machines. After you've used your water, it enters a wastewater pipe, and then into the sewer mains and eventually it reaches one of our wastewater treatment plants.
    • Recycled water - the use of treated wastewater or appropriately treated drainage water.  Before being recycled, wastewater is treated, according to stringent health regulations, to meet the appropriate standard for its intended use.  When reused for a beneficial purpose, this water is known as recycled. Increasing the amount of water we recycle is vital to maintaining a reliable, safe and sustainable water supply and becoming climate resilient. Recycled water can be used for a range of purposes such as:
      • Irrigation of sports grounds, golf courses and public open spaces
      • Industrial processing
      • Groundwater replenishment
      • Toilet flushing / clothes washing / garden watering
      • Environmental benefits (e.g. maintaining wetlands)
      • Irrigation of food crops
      • Irrigation of non-food crops (e.g. trees, woodlots, turf, flowers)
      • Construction / dust suppression
    • Groundwater replenishment - an innovative concept where treated wastewater is further treated to drinking water standards and recharged into groundwater supplies. The water is then stored and taken out some time later for further treatment and supply to a drinking water system. This source is currently only available in WA.

    The Australian Water Association (AWA) encourages everyone to get involved  

    AWA is the national coordinator for National Water Week and works with their members and interested organisations to promote National Water Week events, activities and educational resources to increase involvement across the country.

    Are you holding an event for National Water Week? Click here to tell us about it and we'll promote it!

    Find out about your local National Water Week activities 

    Educational Experience and ELECTROBOARD  Video Conferences on the theme Water Sources 19-25 October 2014 
    Fitzroy River Water  Barrage Open Day 18 October 2014 
    Shoalhaven Water  Photo competition 3 October 2014 (close)
    Yarra Valley Water  Primary school poster competition 19 September 2014 (close)
    Yarra Valley Water  Short film competition 19 September 2014 (close)
    Goyder Institute of Water Research, in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and the Australian Water Association SA Technical Seminar: What are the Future Water Scenarios for South Australia? Afternoon of Thursday 23 October 2014 at the University of Adelaide
    Australian Water Association NT Branch Conference: Water in the Bush
    24 October 2014
    Water Corporation  National Water Week competitions Please see website for details
    Busselton Water  Primary school poster competition 19 September (close)
    Warren and Donnelly Rivers Restoration Project  Canoe expedition to study the Warren Catchments Council’s ‘River Restoration Project’ 22 October 2014
    South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL)  Canoeing on the Canning 31 October 2014
    (the week after NWW)
    TasWater  National Water Week poster competition 26 September 2014 (close)

    Past National Water Week themes 

    2013 – Liveable communities

    2012 – Valuing our water

    2011 – Healthy Catchments, Healthy Communities

    2010 – Many sources, many uses, everyone's responsibilities

    2009 – Securing our Water Future

    2008 – Clean Water Essential for Life

    2007 – Water for Life

    2006 – Water for Life

    2005 – Water for Life

    2004 – H2O in 2020