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  • The aim of the Water Efficiency network is to achieve a common understanding on the best way forward to improve the implementation and evaluation of water efficiency programs, and how customers and technology play an important role in reducing water consumption.


    The network intends to cover all issues relating to water efficiency and demand management including subjects such as irrigation, auditing, rebates etc.


    “Water Efficiency and Conservation” is the active involvement in achieving more using less water resources and conserving the existing and future water resources in the various forms.




    • Facilitate and support a common (Federal Government together with State industries) understanding on the best way forward to achieve quantitative and qualitative targets in a national Water Efficiency Program (WEP)
    • Facilitate and encourage the build-up of competency and best-practice capability in the water industry through training courses and conferences/conventions
    • Facilitate the implementation of new technology and approaches to improve performance in water use
    • Encourage pathways for WEP establishment
    • Encourage and facilitate the establishment of standards and benchmarks in the water efficiency and conservation area.


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