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  • The WICD Network has provided a forum for the water industry to discuss issues, define strategies and take action to enhance workforce planning and workforce development in the Australian water sector.

    Members of the Network:

    • Received and considered reports about the water sector's workforce and skills development
    • Initiated efforts to collect workforce data
    • Promoted career opportunities in the water sector

    At the time of its establishment a subscription model was adopted as the most effective way of funding identified projects related to skills and workforce development. 
    Since then the WICD Network has achieved substantial outcomes:


    In late 2013 the WICD and H2OZ committees met to review the future of the program. With no new projects pending, it was decided to scale the WICD program back so that it would function more as an advisory group. Rather than ask for subscriptions with no specific project in mind it was agreed that subscriptions would only be asked for if members brought forward project ideas. Without subscriptions AWA would not be able to continue to produce regular newsletters however any skills related news will find its way into E News or be reported via the WIST website or under relevant tabs under the Training pages. These new arrangements were formally communicated to all WICD members in March 2014 (download the letter here).


    If you have ideas about worthwhile skills related projects that this interest group could pursue please contact AWA National Manager - Industry Development Geoffrey Gray