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Water Industry Capacity Development (WICD)
  • The WICD Network provides a forum for the water industry to discuss issues, define strategies and take action to enhance workforce planning and workforce development in the Australian water sector.

    Members of the Network:

    • Receive and consider reports about the water sector's workforce and skills development needs to identify programs responsive to these needs 
    • Are the unofficial arm of the Water Industry Skills Taskforce   
    • Are involved in workforce data collection  
    • Promote career opportunities in the water sector  

    The WICD subscription model is a designed to provide funding to be invested in WICD operations for the benefit of the water industry nationally. All water industry related organisations and education providers are encouraged to subscribe. 
    In the past twelve months the structure of the network was reviewed and measures were established to ensure network activities meet the needs of network subscribers. As part of this process Terms of Reference were developed for the network and an Advisory Committee was formed. The restructure is expected to strengthen links between the WICD Network and other  related AWA projects such as the Water Education Network, the Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and the WICD University Project.  
    The WICD Advisory Committee met in January 2013 and an Action Plan was developed for the coming year. 


    In the last few years, the WICD Network has::  

    For more information about the WICD network contact Jacilyn O'Grady on 02 9436 0055.