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  • The Sustainability Specialist Network acts as a hub and filter for information on sustainability and as a forum to locate, share and develop information and best practice within sustainability. It will set the scene for the timely introduction of sustainable practices within the water sector.

    Sustainability is acknowledged as an extremely broad issue and tends to be an overarching concept. As the issue overlaps with other specialist networks it is expected that collaboration between networks will ensure that duplication isn’t an issue and that interconnectedness is encouraged.


    The primary objective of the network is to build capacity within the water sector by; 
        •  defining, highlighting and recognising best practice within business systems, projects, processes, tools and practices; and
        •  providing a networking forum and platform to highlight sustainability issues and engage with other sustainability-focused groups ensuring a combined and coordinated water sector response.


    The Committee currently works with a Climate Change sub-group to deliver on coordinated and practical responses to issues identified in the Action Plan.


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    November 2013 - Join the discussion online.


    Recent experience suggest there is some fatigue in the industry with use of "the 'S' word". AWA's Sustainability Network Committee has therefore posed the question "Is SUSTAINABILITY dead?" to members. 


    Get involved with the discussion and share your thoughts and views on AWA's Linkedin profile.




    Call for Abstracts now open for Enviro’14
    17 – 19 September 2014, Adelaide


    AWA and the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) have just opened up Call for Papers for Enviro’14 - a joint international conference and exhibition that will showcase the best that the water, waste, clean energy and clean air industries have to offer.


    The conference will bring together a diverse audience including business operators, government, researchers, policy makers, planners and more to consider tomorrow’s recycling technologies, sustainability practices and resource realignment initiatives. This is the perfect platform in Australia to advocate for your research, project or initiative and reach the key influencers across all four sectors.

    Submit your abstract by 3 February 2014 at


      Climate Change Adaptation Planning 

    Future dates TBC


    Sustainability Leadership - How to Facilitate Positive Change  

    Future dates TBC


    Sustainability Implementation - Actions and Tools for Change

    Futures dates TBC


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