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  •  The WICD Subscription Model is a designed to provide funding to be invested in WICD operations for the benefit of the water industry nationally. All water industry related organisations and education providers are encouraged to subscribe. The subscription model is based on size of organisation, see below.

    WICD subscription fees are for calendar years and are due annually in January with all funds invested in WICD projects determined by the WICD subscribers. Additionally, other sources of funding (e.g. government grants) may be sought to supplement WICD subscriptions on a project basis as required.

    WICD Subscribers may nominate as many staff as they wish to receive communications and participate in WICD initiatives and networks. Staff that will benefit from involvement in WICD include those working in the areas of education, training, learning and development, career pathways and human resources. In addition to contributing to the ongoing strategic development and improvement of training, professional development and career pathways for the Australian water industry; the following services will be offered to all levels of WICD subscribers:

    • Quarterly e-newsletter
    • Direct email updates
    • Be the first to access or receive the latest skills news from across the national industry
    • Input into, access to and benefits from WICD projects
    • Discounts for staff to specified workshops run by the Australian Water Association
    • Dedicated project manager to support activities and represent WICD on numerous national and state skill committees.


     WICD Subscription Pricing Structure 

    Subscription Level Criteria 

    Cost / annum (Exc. GST) 

    Organisations with <200 staff 


    Organisations with 200-500 staff 


    Organisations with >500 staff 


    The WICD Flyer details further subscription benefits. Download the Subscription Form to sign up today. 

    If you would like to become a WICD Subscriber or find out more information about subscription email or phone 02 9436 0055.