Making and keeping customer promises
Making and keeping customer promises
Sydney Water launched its Corporate Strategy in 2014 with the vision to be “the Lifestream of Sydney for generations to come”. At its core, the Strategy focuses on transforming Sydney Water from an asset and compliance driven utility into a customer-centric service based organisation. This transformation will be enabled by a new customer-centric operating model, focused on building the business capabilities required for Sydney Water to achieve its vision. The organisation has been restructured to support the new operating model and position each group to lead, enable or deliver exceptional customer outcomes.

As part of the restructure, the Customer Direction & Experience (CDE) team was established to accelerate the development of five critical customer-centric business capabilities:
- Customer intelligence
- Customer direction setting
- Customer experience design
- Customer experience measurement
- Business collaboration.

The CDE team’s initial focus was to develop a Customer Experience Strategy. The purpose of the strategy was to enable Sydney Water to create consistently great experiences for our customers. The foundation of the strategy is our ‘customer promises’, which are based on customer insight and describe what our customers need, want and value from Sydney Water. The customer promises align to customer value across three themes:

- ‘Every day’ that customers engage with Sydney Water products and services:
- ‘Every time’ that customers interact with Sydney Water
- ‘Everyone’ in the community who benefits from Sydney Water being involved in long-term city planning and maintaining a future focus.

A roadmap has been developed to implement the Customer Experience Strategy and uplift the five business capabilities. It includes six streams of work.
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