Better practice catchment water quality planning for AUS
Better practice catchment water quality planning for AUS
Despite the importance and prevalence of catchment-based water quality planning in Australia, many applications lack a consistently logical and systematic approach and are likely doomed to failure.

Based on formal and informal observations over many years’ involvement in the field, major flaws in current practices and proposed better practice are identified. In the main, these better practices are not novel, but are unfortunately rare. Although the discussion is based around water quality, many of the principles are also applicable to related planning endeavours.

The approach is based around the ‘water quality management framework’ described in the National Water Quality Management Strategy (NWQMS).

The matters in this paper are not to be seen as the last word, but are put forward to encourage debate with the view to improve current water quality planning practices in Australia. Ideally this could lead to the development of nationally applicable guidelines for water quality planning which could be valuable for all jurisdictions.
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