Groundwater abstraction in the Roper region - NT
Groundwater abstraction in the Roper region - NT
When assessing the sustainability of water resources in the Roper region Tindall Limestone Aquifer (TLA), it is essential to balance the integrity of the environment, while maximising the potential of the available water resource. The TLA is one of the NT’s best-quality, highest-yielding, groundwater resources (DLRM, 2016). The current NT Government (NTG) is committed to continuing its water allocation planning to ensure on-going management of such resources (NTG – Draft Water Allocation Plan, 2011).

Legislation and planning regulations must reflect local use to mitigate wastage, and inappropriate use, of water. Water resources should be allocated among competing demands to meet socio-economic and cultural aspirations, minimise pollution, support ecosystems, and sustain industry including that producing food, protein, and energy. Water is allocated to end-uses based on current, and historic, information relating to the local availability of water: such data form the basis for water extraction licences.
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