An Assessment Of Anammox Implementation
"The implementation of Anammox processes for the treatment of ammoniumrich wastewater has received a lot of interest in recent years, and has been successfully implemented in full scale for treatment of side-stream ows arising from dewatering of anaerobically digested sludge. Currently there are many full-scale Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) around the world that include an Anammox system, including the Dokhaven WWTP at Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Anammox has been associated with substantially reduced carbon and oxygen requirements for nitrogen removal compared to a conventional nitrogen removal process (nitri cation-denitri cation). This makes Anammox particularly attractive in the treatment of side-stream ows from the dewatering of anaerobically digested sludge. These advantages imply potential to reduce operational costs for nitrogen removal, in particular aeration energy, and methanol dosing costs where an organic carbon source is insuf cient. This paper outlines the assessment of the cost effectiveness of implementation of an Anammox process for treatment of ammonium-rich side-stream ows at Sydney Water’s municipal wastewater treatment plants, with aims to reduce energy use and operating cost. This paper summarises the bene ts and relevance of the Anammox process brie y, and then provides a case study of the cost effectiveness of implementing Anammox at Sydney Water. Keywords: Anammox, anaerobic ammonium oxidation, autotrophic, anaerobic digestion, energy saving, nitrogen reduction."
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