Finding alternatives to landfill for fine screenings from ww
Finding alternatives to landfill for fine screenings from ww
A capital upgrade to the Christies Beach
Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) has resulted
in half the wastewater flow being treated through a
membrane bioreactor plant and the remaining half
through a conventional biological treatment stage.
The 3mm inlet screened wastewater is further
treated through 2mm rotary drum screens; as
recommended by the supplier to protect the
ultrafiltration membranes. This has led to an
increase in OPEX costs and volume of screenings
to be disposed of to landfill.
However with the increasingly stringent waste
limitations and costs associated with landfill,
alternative solutions are both a corporate
environmental and economic responsibility.
An Adelaide specific review of possible fine screen
utilisation routes (other than landfill), showed
neighbouring industrial opportunities, including
using the on-site anaerobic digesters. By utilising
the calorific value of screenings there is an
opportunity to improve on-site biogas production by
300 Nm3/t VS and increase electrical power
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